Event: Celebrating life and love for Filipino merienda at #CafeViaMareAt40

It's been 40 years since Cafe Via Mare started offering Filipino favorites. Mrs.Barretto had kept cooking all-time Filipino favorite food to all of us and on its 40th year, the food had remained its quality and taste. I joined fellow foodies last Thursday at Cafe Via Mare Trinoma sampling some of the classic merienda fares every Pinoy love. Puto Bumbong, Puto Maya, Bibingka, Cham-I, Pancit Luglug, Lomi, Arrozcaldo, Lumpiang Ubod, Palabok, Tokwat Baboy, Puto at Dinuguan, Palitaw, Guinataang Halo-Halo, Kesong Puti at Pandesal and a lot more was served to let us revisit the Cafe Via Mare experience.
That bite of finely chopped ubod (bamboo shoots) mixed with fresh garlic and nuts in sweet succulent sauce suddenly reminded me of how my sister used to treat me for dinner after a whole day shopping inside Landmark in Makati in the 80s. I can still recall how Cafe Via Mare was panned on scenes of greatest drama films in the 80s and how we've all wondered how expensive it is to experience fine dining.
They started with oyster bar and real exquisite fine dining outside the mall (Greenbelt Makati) and it isn't a wonder why the resto magnates will follow their grand food presentation. It's too beautiful to eat and the taste is definitely beyond expectations. Over the years, they've managed to cater to the needs of the customers having them frozen so they can all bring it home to other countries.
The tradition of cooking had kept customers coming that soon they all have become part of the family for the Cafe Via Mare staff. I really love that we can all enjoy Puto Bumbong even before Christmas. Cafe Via Mare's merienda may be a light snack for the hungry pack but each dish is so filling you'll forget to order the main dishes. I couldn't get enough of Cafe Via Mare's Guinataang Halo-Halo. Those purple bilo-bilo(rice balls in ube flavor) will stick to you for good. Cafe Via Mare Trinoma is located at the Ladies Section inside Landmark in Trinoma Mall Quezon City. Visit www.viamare.com.ph and like them on Facebook here for more updates.