Event: #UltimateBarkadaExperience @GreenwichPizza BGC Stopover

Barkada always call for pizza. Greenwich Pizza recently launched their Ultimate Barkada Pizza Party along with new designs  , new wooden chairs and tables to fit the barkada taste at its newest branch in Greenwich BGC Stopover. The signs shout sentiments of the barkada and those chairs were just too pretty perfect for selfies and groupfies. 
It's those perfect backgrounds for selfies and you can start without them like what my own barkada did sweeping two helpings of fried chicken and fries while waiting for me. Pasta Carbonara and Lasagna started coming in when I sat on the table. After a few chat about rants of other people on social media, the Ultimate Overload pizza just took everyone's breath away. With eyes all on the pizza with 2 types of cheese 4 kinds of meat, 13 premium toppings, the heat of the conversation was shifted to simply discussing who deserve the shame piece. 
It was wild and beautiful. Til the end conversations,  Greenwich pizza flavors became the endless topic. Greenwich is the Ultimate Barkada Pizza Party place. Congratulations Greenwich Pizza and keep surprising us all with pizza, pasta and more, truly the #UltimateBarkadaExperience. Call 5-5555 for delivery or visit www.greenwichdelivery.com