Event: The #PinkConfessions in #KathrynBernardoBlog

Kathryn Bernardo is friendly. Those who say she's a snob should visit her blog www.kathbernardo.com. Launched last Saturday at Stacy's Capitol Greenstreet, Capitol Hills QC, Kathryn together with friends and moderators of her fans clubs enjoyed a day of pink and everything nice. Kathryn's personal blog will feature different knick-knacks the fans and everyone will love.
When asked if she consider herself a blogger, she shrugged saying she'd rather call it a personal website to reach out more people all over the world. Kathryn Bernardo's Blog is already mobile-friendly and interactive. She shared to us all her excitement on one of the tabs in the website-KathCakes. It will feature things of her personal interests like food, photos and things she found interesting.
There are so many things I don't know yet about Kathryn and I found it all in www.kathbernardo.com. Her social media accounts @bernardokath are also embedded in the website. When the cute KB font appears, simply click the logo and it opens to the homepage. If you want to ask a question or you want Kathryn to respond, you need to register which is recommended for moderating trolls and bashers.
With moderator of KB Blog Ms Zeh (Thank you for being friendly), this personal blog of Kathryn may just be your source of hope whenever you feel down. Thank you Kathryn, Mommy Min, Ms.Thess of StarMagic Phils and fans (KBBuddies, KaDreamersWorld, Mommies for Kath and DJ etc) for another inspiration. Keep keeping hopes up for the youth today Kath! We love you! Visit www.kathbernardo.com and you may just get the knack recipe to win your mom and friends' hearts!