The Philippine History and why we will always love #ChickNSkin ni #MangJuan #SukaFlavor by #JackNJillPH #simumot #sarap

What the Spanish colonizers left us in the past is savoring that #Simumot-worthy #ChickNSkin Ni #MangJuan by JackNJill Philippines. My minor in UPDiliman is history and I remember vividly how my professor in Kas1 (MCGuerrero) shared the story of when we started eating isaw, paa, innards and chicken skin. It doesn't take a genius to connect the dots that during the Spanish colonization, when the Spanish priests were in the seat of the Philippine government (no separation of church and state) the priest cooks will throw these unnecessary parts of the chicken at the gutters of Intramuros. The Chinese merchants will get them cleaned, seasoned and sold in stalls at the market for the Tagalogs (evolved word Taga-Ilog as coined by our national hero Dr.Jose Rizal referring to Filipinos since the Spanish had deprived is of land with those Latin land titles). This culture has evolved in different flavors, preparations and when I just finished discussing a brief untold stories about Philippine history today, a box of ChickNSkin ni Mang Juan was at my doorstep.
It was a perfect blend of sour, tasty and spicy Chicken Skin without the guilt. It was the timely sour and spicy kick I needed beating the heat on class and it felt so good. While reflecting on what the historians had failed to write about how we have all been complacent with our culture appreciation, I needed another pack.
There is no better way to help the country but to celebrate the history and its legacy in all of us. We love street food but we will avoid the disease. It is indeed better to savor the #simumot-worthy ChickNSkin Ni Mang Juan now conveniently available in supermarkets and groceries nationwide. It's so hard to resist so give in, grab some if you want to feel what they all felt in the past - sour, spicy and tasty. My own son consumes a lot of these and I'm proud of it. I am a Filipino and I love ChickNSkin ni Mang Juan Suka Flavor. For more information, visit