The grandpa I never had #PLNaisNgBayan

It's Father's Day on Sunday and while too many are anticipating what present or surprise they'll get from family and friends, it daunted me to reflect on my own memory of my father and grandfather. Watching Sen. Ping Lacson's TV ad with kids flashed all memories of my late grandfather. 
I had only a few moments with my grandpa because he died before I went to school like my father who also died a few months before my son was born. I envy those kids privileged to have their grandfathers dote them to adolescence. I needed that old man figure with a big heart and tons of stories to tell. I wished I had someone like Sen. Ping Lacson. He seemed to be happy with kids in that open field. I wonder how he is with his own grand children. 
Jodi Sta Maria and Pampy Lacson's son was named after "Lolo" - Panfilo Lacson III (Thirdy) while Iwa Moto's daughter from Pampy they named Mimi (Hiromi Eve). How does he spend time with Thirdy and Mimi? The iron man once feared in the police force is soft when it comes to dealing with kids. Sen. Ping Lacson wants to share his knowledge and provide opportunities for his grand children and all the rest of the kids all over the country according to a friend from the media. This is the type of father I wish my son grew up with. Sen. Ping Lacson is the grandfather I wish my son had spent time with growing up. I bet my father will have the same thoughts and will agree with me. Happy Father's Day Papa in heaven and Sen. Ping Lacson! I hope to meet you one day and just have a glimpse of how you look after your grandkids.