Event: The #StinkyTofu, #XiaoLongBao and other authentic Taiwanese dishes at #TienMasTaiwaneseCuisine

Go where the angels fear to thread they say. I seldom eat stinky tofu but when I do, I savor the stink, the texture and the taste to appreciate how it compares to some of our own bizarre Filipino dishes. It was a feast of authentic Taiwanese cuisine visiting Tien Ma's at D.Tuazon St. Corner NS Amoranto Ave., Quezon City last night with fellow foodie bloggers. We had their best-seller Xiao Long Bao and Tofu with Century Egg for appetizer.
If some of the ones I've tried during the hype of Xiao Long Bao in Metro Manila kicked with its strong ginger and wine in the dumpling, Tien Ma's Xiao Long Bao was light yet served hot and I was able to feel and taste that it was freshly-made before steaming. The finely-sliced ginger in light soy and vinegar sauce did not overpower that soup dumpling. I loved how the flavors gently exploded in my mouth with the minced pork filling.  One serving you can share with four people costs Php200 only. Their Tofu with Century Egg (Php80) was also tasty in light soy sauce and not too salty Century Egg.
The main dishes started coming in first with Tien Ma's Pineapple Brown Fried Rice with Pork Floss. The sight of brown rice made me turn off that diet monitor and gave in. Pan Fried Pork and Shrimp Dumpling looked like pancake until you try to grab a piece and dunk it in sweet and savory sauce. We also tried their Kung Pao Shrimp and Taiwanese Beef Noodles. When asked which among the dishes in the menu, I'd love to try, I did not hesitate to say Stinky Tofu. Tien Ma's Fried Stinky Tofu was served with special sauce and the sight of the fried tofu made me forget about its stink. The young and faint-of-heart may not love its taste and texture but those who love food adventures will definitely sweep the whole plate including those pickled cabbage in the center as garnish. It's actually that after-taste and that stink in the mouth that gave the right kick after a long stressful day at work. I was happy at the thought that I really enjoyed it and remembered how many times Travel and Living Channel's Bizarre Food host Andrew Zimmern could not finish a whole bite without throwing up. The picture of Taiwanese countryside facade and the hawkers in Taiwan started flashing in my mind and I was happy. It was an experience I'll definitely do again at Tien Ma's.
The feast was capped with that special Pear in Red Wine which at a glance did not look promising. It's sweet and juicy with that slight hint of wine that ended a wonderful meal. No wonder Tien Ma was able to beat its competitors in the area a few months after its soft opening last January 2015. It's that sight of the open-kitchen assuring you that your food is made fresh and clean and that minimal decor and lighting making you feel you're at home. After all, Tien Ma means Mama Tien (as Tien is the family name and Ma meant mother in Chinese). I will definitely come back for more of those Pears in Red Wine, more variety of their Xiao Long Bao, their fish and vegetable dishes. Tien Ma's is located at 168 D. Tuazon St. corner NS Amoranto Ave., Quezon City. Call 8971331/5242713 for reservations. For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/tienmastaiwanesecuisine and follow @tienmastaiwanesecuisine on Instagram and @tienmas on Twitter for more updates.