The steak as it should in Smith Butcher and Grill Room

It must be real good meat. When you know you have tasted the best steak in town, you have to try Smith Butcher and Grill Room at Salcedo Village Makati. It was an unforgettable steak and chat with friend Arpee and my fave handsome Chef Philip Golding with his friends last week at Smith Butcher and Grill Room.
We tried different cheeses from different countries paired with their vast selection of wines. What's most interesting was their Pesto Gouda Cheese. The steak we all shared was outstanding. That was an unforgettable Black Angus 45-Day Dry-Aged Steak served with your choice of French Mustard or Ranch Dressing. 
The movie buff in me imagined scenes of romantic drama set perfect in the place and couples celebrating anniversaries. Even without the signage outside of the building, Smith Butcher and Grill Room was cozy at it should be. With minimalist interior design featuring the showroom of meats and cheeses, the place lets you enjoy what it best serves-steak.
That steak definitely made me think of what I've missed so far - the aroma and texture of real good beef dry-aged and grilled to perfection. The pack discussed more details how the meat would taste in longer and shorter dry-aging but I was just too busy savoring its texture and taste in my palate. Try having Smith Butcher and Grill Room steaks with your family.  For more info please visit Smith Butcher and Grill Room is located at ACI Building, 147 H.V.Dela Costa, Salcedo Village,Makati City Metro Manila.