New Chicken Rice Meals and Fiesta Cake at @figarocoffee

It's fiesta time all over the country. I remembered my youth attending Flores De Mayo in the province when I paid a visit at Figaro Tomas Morato yesterday. Figaro now offers new Rice Meals. I've been eating their Traditional Adobo and Pork Tenderloin in Asian Pesto Sauce and it was surprising to see new dishes in their Rice Meals menu. I was hungry after a long day of walking so I chose the Chicken BBQ Skewers with Lemonade while my friend ordered Crispy Glazed Chicken with Lemonade for Php199.
With Java Rice and Atsara, both rice meals were just tasty delicious we had to scrape the sauce with the remaining rice. The meat was just perfectly grilled. I had to grab some of my friend's Crispy Chicken Glazed Chicken. Topped with sesame seed and crisp-fried, I had to order another for take-away because I know my son would love those. True enough, I got more kisses in the forehead than usual when I got home.
We both thought of coffee and a perfect cake to match- Figaro's new Fiesta Cake. At Php109 a slice, it was a colorful lavender Ube flavor at the bottom and green ube macapuno chiffon on top with sweet frosting topped with roasted desiccated coconut.  I  loved that  it wasn't too sweet and it wasn't too heavy. It was a perfect ending after that delicious Rice Meal. You can never go wrong with Chicken and Cake with coffee at Figaro. For more information, visit and follow Figaro's social media sites and @figarocoffee on Instagram and @figarocoffeehq on Twitter.