I would like to meet #PingLacson

I want to meet Ping Lacson. Riding so many cabs for a long time now and talking about the government with drivers urged me to want to meet the guy I voted for President years ago. The taxi drivers were always mentioning him enforcing discipline in the streets. It was a common line "Nung hawak ni Lacson ang mga police, walang kotong cops at walang malake tyan sa daan" while watching these fat burly enforcers getting "kotong". I've agreed that everyone was scared of being sacked in their position for not being fit. He may have caused a buzz being implicated in "Kuratong Baleleng" massacre but I've never heard him convicted and sanctioned. The last time I've heard something negative about him was the issue of having questionable wealth and properties abroad. His name popped up in dailies being appointed as rehab czar of Tacloban. I've heard no news of him since. It is with this erratic system of discipline on the streets that I can't help but concur with drivers. There must be one strong man to present a different view of what's happening. Ping was to many the iron hand that imposed a waistline limit and other sorts of what seemed to many ridiculous.
I have missed two movies that featured him "Ping Lacson: Supercop" in 2000 with the late Rudy Fernandez and his biopic which garnered so many awards "10,000 Hours" in 2013 starring Robin Padilla. Behind the stories of crime and 3Gs of politics, I've always wondered how he is as a family man. The third movie in the works according a showbiz friend said it will feature more of him as a public servant. I wonder how he plans to reform the educational system and how he has become the man that he is now. I do not live in a world he grew up with but I would like to know the man I've voted once as a president. I hope to meet you one day, Mr. Panfilo Lacson. Maybe I'll have more stories to tell and maybe I'll have more answers to the taxi drivers and to friends who still believe in you.