Event: www.dianastalder.com launch with new face Mia Suarez

Real people. Real stories. Pampering queries are now made convenient with Diana Stalder's website http://www.dianastalder.com. From head to foot services, Diana Stalder boasts of its Casmara Treatment and Ideal Protein Diet gaining more patronage. I was with fellow blogger friends attending the website launch of the country's premier face, body and skincare center.
Mdme Dina Stalder and the staff treated us to a choice of Casmara Treatment and Mask after consultation. Ideal Protein-inspired dishes include less-salt Baked Salmon, Garden Fresh Salad, Zucchini Gratin, Tender Juicy Marinated Pork and brown rice with all-ingredients organic from her very own farm.  Dianastalder.com now offers non-surgical and surgical treatment to achieve confidence and just exploring the tabs will show you how it will definitely improve the quality of your life.
Ideal Protein isn't like the usual weight-loss regimen of shakes and nutrition plan. A personal life coach will attend to your goal and guide you to particular processes. The key is to discipline your eating habits. Like what Ms Dina says all the time, "Train your taste to trim your waist". I lost the habit of calorie counting during summer vacation and because of Diana Stalder, I've become more motivated to lose those extra pounds gained from beach escapades. 
It was a relaxing Casmara Facial Treatment after that sumptuous lunch. I fell asleep for more than an hour and I took home the mask. It felt good inside out and I plan to grab more of those salads and juices. For more information, visit www.dianastalder.com and like their official Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/dianastalderbydermaline and follow @dianastalder on Instagram and Twitter.