Event: #MarNolo, the stars and love in #StarsVersusMe showing on June 3

We all go through consulting horoscopes and fortune tellers at least once in our lives. I've rekindled my curiosity in tarot-reading and horoscopes attending the grand press conference of Stars Versus Me. Written and directed by Joven Tan, Stars Versus Me is a movie about two hearts believing in the stars. Present during the grand presscon were the writer/director Joven Tan, Rita Avila, Janine Desiderio, Kiray Celis, Manolo Pedrosa and Maris Rascal.
Media friends were given a chance to consult the tarot card readers and I didn't pass the chance to check what they have to say about my life. I have not uttered anything (not even my name) but Sis Meng was able to read my soul inside-out. She gave me hope of meeting the man of my dreams and regardless if it'll come true or not, it still felt better.
Just like the cast who believes that your free will should be stronger than what anybody tells you, I've been reminded to be discerning and collect only happy thoughts. Stars present shared the best love advice they've heard not just from the fortune tellers but their own mothers-Always keep some mystery to get your loved one constantly excited. Also starring in the movie were Matet De Leon, Dennis Padilla and the special participation of Ejay Falcon. I've become more excited about watching Stars Versus Me hoping to pick up more love thoughts I can garner from the movie. Let's all watch it on June 3,2015 in cinemas nationwide.