Event: The gorgeous men and their choices in #YoureStillTheOne

Men are not like us following emotions and believing in second chances. Hearthrobs Dennis Trillo and Richard Yap joined bloggers yesterday discusiing second chances and their roles in Regal Films and Star Cinema's newest flick "You're Still The One" yesterday at Star Cinema office.
It was Richard Yap's first time to play a mature role in a May-December love affair as Vincent with Maja (Elisse) and it was Dennis Trillo's first time with director Chris Martinez. As Vincent, Papa Chen/Sir Chief as we all knew him in teleseryes found his character challenging. When asked if he views it differently compared to women, Sir Chief said women are more emotional and he had also gone through decisions before he got married. Already in his happy state of relationship, Richard Yap suggested we all test and take second chances if it bothers us or just leave. Sometimes I meet people who does not decide and suffer in unrequited love, he said. We must eventually decide according to him because like Maja said, "You make your own happy ending"
Dennis playing as Jojo agreed with Sir Chief (Richard Yap)'s words of wisdom. He shared to us his excitement about this movie and was surprised at the previous bloggers conference comments of Maja about him the other day. He had kept constant passion to learn and had kept believing in the meaningful experiences while portraying characters in films. He is actually busy with three more upcoming movies this year. For the two handsome leading men, we should always take chances only of the person is worth the time and effort. Keep finding the one and do not fret saying "You're Still The One" to the right person. What have they done to Elisse? Let's all find out on May 27, 2015 at all cinemas nationwide. For more information, visit starcinema.com.ph, like their Facebook Page, www.facebook.com/starcinema and follow @starcinema on Twiter and Instagram for more updates.