Review: Top 10 things I will never forget watching #KidKulafu @starcinema

Some stories need to be told about Pacquiao. The Philippines champ Manny Pacquiao is about to fight for the nation next month against Mayweather. Before Manny became famous he was Kid Kulafu, the boy we should all get to know at Star Cinema's great tribute to the country's hero. I have been privileged to watch the movie with friends and here are my Top 10 Things I Will Never Forget about Kid Kulafu
10. The scary scenes of Mindanao rebels vs govt- I didn't realize how painful it was watching the family struggle hunger until I've seen those scenes where father Rosalio once was lucky catching fish, asked Mommy D to save some for him when he gets back but later losing it all to the rebel chasing military out of fear. It was heartbreaking to watch a boy witness beheading of rebels and those endless gunfights. I have better understanding why Manny would chose to keep fighting as he was able to triumph over these tragic past.
9. Scene-stealing background- Seeing the pineapple plantation in Mindanao reminded me of my Koronadal experience in 2008. It was a trip down memory lane remembering the beautiful Mindanao and I want to go back.Mindanao is really beautiful and I still have more to explore.
8 . The Visayan language - Even without translation, it was easy to guess what the men were shouting during the game. It was my lifelong dream to speak Bisaya and I am familar to a few up to this day.
7. The uncle Sardo- The uncle was the first influence in boxing and he was always drunk. It was funny seeing the young Manny collect all those bottles of Kulafu while watching boxing on betamax.
6. The Kulafu, the betamax and the ingredients of rural Mindanao - the culture of betamax as a form of entertainment skipping his errands reminded me of my own childhood. Manny was like all of us back then paying to watch movies and it was heartwarming.
5. The denial to represent GenSan (so he went to Digos)- It was heartbreaking to watch the young Manny not chosen to represent Gensan later representing Digos. Many battles we fight were denied to us as well and Manny later on fought and won against the town he tried to represent.
4. The reality of "patisan"- the scenes on fish sauce bottles cleaning reminded me of a GMA News documentary about the cheap labor and cruelty of owners to migrant workers like Pacquiao.
3. The weight and height challenge- Don't miss the part where the coach will have to put belt to add to his weight to qualify in the game. I love that part where the coach had to advise to eat more to qualify.
2. Eugene the best friend- I wanted more scenes of Manny with Eugene the best friend and maybe you'll agree with me why if you watch Kid Kulafu. It was understandable why they'd have to skip some to feature the other facets of the life of the people's champ.
1. Mommy D.- Wonder what Mommy D was like when Manny was young? She was consistently fascinating and I will not be surprised if Mommy D will have her own biopic soon. She always bring laughter to every scene.
Kid Kulafu was amazing and beautiful featuring the Manny who started fighting for his mom's life, his family, his country and the world. Not another action drama you've seen, Kid Kulafu will enliven your spirit to believe in determination. Just like what director Paul Soriano had said, if Manny was able to do it, every one has that chance to victory if you won't stop believing. Kid Kulafu stars Buboy Villar, Alessandra De Rossi, Cesar Montano, Alex Medina and more showing April 15 at all cinemas nationwide. For more information, visit and follow @starcinema on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.