@figarocoffee Delos Santos Medical Center's #SandwichToGo perfect match take-away with Frost

A sip of ice-blended honeydew smoothie with jelly bits and popping boba saved me from almost getting a heat stroke the other day at Figaro Delos Santos Medical Center. Figaro's newest branch in Delos Santos Medical Center is located at the ground floor of the newly-renovated Medical Arts building. This is a perfect place to eat-in or grab take-away pasalubong for the family waiting in the hospital, Figaro will also have enough variety of pasta and pizza for the hungry pack. I needed a quick fix before heading to another event so I ordered their Sandwich To Go.
It seemed to be a big hit that they only had two sandwiches left; Triple Cheese Pimiento and Creamy Cheese Chorizo. The friendly barista heated it and cut them in half. For a meager Php70, the sandwich was bigger than my expectation. I loved the texture of cheesy gooey smokey flavor at every bite. It satisfied that cheese craving I've been drooling with watching the Travel and Living Channel the whole week. It was the bliss cheese I needed to wash the stress away at work.
I simply smiled at the sight of Figaro's Honeydew Frost with jelly and popping boba. It was colorful and delightful I've totally forgotten to ask for a lid. The lid wasn't necessary because it went down too fast.For a while I remembered my metal implant surgery in the ankle visiting this place once again but I've been relieved by Honeydew Frost.
I planned to bring home the Creamy Cheese Chorizo Sandwich but I was drowned in bliss with the Honeydew Frost. It was too cold, I thought of getting a hot beverage to keep the cup for my planned getaway. Butterscotch Vanilla Latte was too irresistible just like the doctors who passed by in this branch. It's creamy and sweet just like the smiles of those men in white. I have completely lost track of time eating these Figaro's delicious sandwiches and drinks while watching the men in white parade to grab their coffee before my eyes. The coffee, the food or the men in white? I guess all of these reasons will get me going back to Figaro Delos Santos Medical Center. For more information, visit www.figarocoffee.com, https://www.facebook.com/figarocoffeecompany and follow @figarocoffee on Instagram and @figarocoffeehq on Twitter.