Event: The Miracle of Stem Cell Therapy in #Regenestem now in Manila

Taking your own stem cell to work for you, neat. Those who want to avoid the knife will benefit from Regenestem Manila now in the Philippines at 2nd floor Belson House, 271 EDSA corner Connecticut Avenue, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila. I've learned so much about stem-cell therapy attending the media launch of Regenestem Manila on its very first branch in Asia specializing in Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery including the latest technology of Anti-Aging Cell-based therapy yesterday at Luxent Hotel, Timog Quezon City yesterday.
Regenestem Manila brings to Asia its expertise in the fields of Regenerative Medicine, Sports and Arthritis Medicine, Molecular Orthopedics, Cosmetic Surgery, Anti-Ageing Dermatology. Consultation is FREE and the great thing about visiting Regenestem Manila is giving you options on which particular treatment would benefit improve the quality of your life. Just like their tagline, Invisible Change, Visible Beauty, Regenestem Manila is truthful and honest explaining to your the latest technology to achieve the change you want to happen within you. With Dr. Eric Yalung who returned to the Philippines as the medical consultant of Regenestem in Miami Florida USA, everyone suffering from pain and other medical conditions can easily understand how stem-cell-based therapy works in the body. We've seen the patients who suffered Diabetes, Arthritis and other diseases vouch the effectiveness of the therapy without going through surgery.
I was even able to consult with my history of Landry-Guillain Barre Syndrome, Meningitis and Polymyositis which made my left ankle and left foot fractured through the years. They were all honest and I truly appreciated the concern on explaining how my own cells may not produce the expected result that I needed. I was grateful for the honesty and I was in deep awe at the technology. Regenestem Manila also announced their soon-to-open center to specialize in Sports Medicine catering the needs of more injured athletes without surgery. I was also happy when they've announced the new non-invasive non-surgical treatment for those suffering from slip discs because I have friends who will definitely want to avail of all these. It's time for you to try visiting Regenestem Manila and realize the benefits of your own cells working for you. The best part about this is they're all fully-equipped with facilities organizing stem-cell treatments to patients in the Philippines. You don't need to go to the US now that Regenestem Manila is here. Regenestem Cebu will open on May 2015 so that's also another great news for those living in Visayas! Visit Regenestem Manila located at 2/f Belson House, 271 EDSA corner Connecticut Avenue, Mandaluyong City. For more information visit www.regenestem-manila.com and follow @regenestemph on Twitter and Instagram and like Regenestem PH on Facebook. For appointments, contact 245-2200, 09175414164, 09175639331 and email info@regenestem-manila.com.