Lenten Goodness Meals and Summer Fusion 2015 at @figarocoffeehq

I'm getting ready for summer now trying to avoid meat and rice not to look good but feel better carrying my weight. Figaro recently offered their new Lenten Meals without meat and I've completely indulged.
First, they have this Breaded Dory Sandwich (Php135). It was a big plate of deep-fried breaded dory fillet on grilled ciabatta bread with lettuce in tartar sauce and tartar salad on the side. They served it with a lemon wedge which made the sauce tangy and tasty.
Figaro also offered their new Summer Fusion drinks; Peach Capuccino, Passion Fruit Cucumber, Lychee Cucumber and Four Seasons (each at P125). I loved the creamy Peach Capuccino which combined fruit and coffee perfectly. Lychee Cucumber and Passion Fruit Cucumber was not too sweet and not too sour. Four Seasons would be appealing to kids compared to the cucumber variants. I used all four smoothies enjoying Figaro's Basil Gamberetti Pizza (Php189) and Breaded Dory Samdwich. I had to control myself eating all of them because they're all too delicious. I think I am going back for more of that Breaded Dory Sandwich and Passion Fruit Cucumber Fusion drink. It'll be a great weekend detox that my tongue and my body will enjoy. We don't need to be hungry this season with Figaro's Lenten Goodness and Summer Fusion drinks. For more information, visit www.figarocoffee.com and like their official Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/figarocoffeecompany and follow @figarocoffee on Twitter and Instagram for updates.