Event: #TacoBellPHL invites to #LiveMas

It's time for the new taco! Taco Bell Philippines launched its Live Mas rebranding campaign to bloggers yesterday at the newly-reopened Taco Bell Gateway Cubao branch. A bigger and wider Taco Bell with well-lit spaces and open kitchen was introduced to us after the campaign was launched in Korea last year.
It was still the same delicious Taco Bell fares but with crunchier nachos and tacos plus new dessert choices: Chocodilla with Nutella and Churros. I chose to have their XL Beef and Cheese Quesadillas with Taco Bell's new House Blend Iced Tea.
The eye-popping new service of free WIFI and free-to-use sockets in quaint tables and chairs made me think of attracting the younger type of the crowd. Their quesadillas aren't wrapped in plastics anymore. Open like their kitchen, you have a chance to view your food being made by the crew.
The nachos had become light and more crunchy unlike the previous spicy kicking with sliced jalapenos. It was my first time trying Taco Bell's desserts. Imagine grilled marshmallows and Nutella in pita bread, it's sweet and irresistible to lure the weight-watchers to just give in. It's Taco Bell's Chocodilla with Nutella. Taco Bell's Churros was super crunchy you'd want to keep munching without the hefty chocolate syrup dip. It was the perfect dream of a Churros and it was a dream come true.Taco Bell wants to give and Live MAS (More) because they have more to offer and they are hungry for more. LIVE MAS was an idea that builds off the foundation Glen Bell created for the brand. It is an idea that should inspire customers to never stop exploring.  Taco Bell has more in store and I'm already excited. Visit their revamped Gateway branch at the lower ground and the third level and soon in other Taco Bell branches nationwide. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/tacobellphl and follow @tacobellphl on Twitter and Instagram for more promos and updates