Event: #Pupil releases #Zilch album under @mca_music

Never repeat yourself- Ely Buendia. Popular rock band Pupil released their newest album Zilch under MCA Music yesterday at Historia Bar and Restaurant Quezon City. I've asked him why the album was called Zilch and he said simply - nothing. Redefining the band with new sound inspired from Ely Buendia's favorite modern rock albums from The Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Pixies and the Cult. 
I thought it was easy covering Ely Buendia for the first time. All the memories of UPDiliman came back when he started singing onstage. It's that familiar voice with a different tune and at that special moment a part of me felt still tingling the spine wanting to scream like a groupie. Ely Buendia in Pupil still have that magic and it's still reverberating in the soul afterwards. Grab Pupil's Zilch album under MCA Music, Inc., now available at all record outlets and via iTunes, Spotify, www.spinnr.ph and Deezer. Tracks include Firewall, Out of Control, Why, Resonate, Cheap Thrill, Tachyon and MNL.