Event: Brothers, Bridge and Love in #BridgesOfLove Bloggers Conference

Bridges are symbols of reuniting what grew apart. I've learned more about ABS-CBN's newest drama teleserye Bridges Of Love set to premiere worldwide tonight, March 16,2015 replacing 2Wives (after Forevermore).
I was lucky to ask the first questions to Star Creatives Henry Quitain and BJ Lingan along with directors Richard Somes and Wil Fredo with the three leads Paulo Avelino, Jericho Rosales and Maja Salvador. Bridges had a long story of conceptualization on sibling rivalry and Jericho tried looking at his similarities with Paolo to immerse in the role as Gael. Paulo was joking saying he had always treated Jericho as an older brother.
Maja joined in the fun saying she was already a fan of Jericho when she was young. I also asked how they were oriented with the culture of a star dancer and Maja was able to talk to someone who had been there in details that gave her ideas about her character. Twas a fun bloggers conference and as usual, I was cracking in laughter til the end. Let's all find out who will be the parents of the two brothers and why they have been separated tonight after TV Patrol. For more information, please visit www.abs-cbn.com and follow @abscbndotcom on Twitter for more updates.