Prep for Summer Getaway starts today!
Sssh! No one knew about my accidental click on that button one night browsing for tickets last week. Since I will eventually tell the whole world about it anyway, might as well share every step of the way from preps to the significant moments of the trip. I was never confident going to the beach because of my dark skin. I'd always bring a big wide hat to cover my face while snorkeling and since I never cared of foreign tourists laugh at me the whole time wearing a hat in the water, I am ready to bring some necessities to prep for another Eat-Pray-Love adventure this year. While browsing for toiletries, I saw this Oryspa Rice Bran Soap and this Kawaii Egg Foot Peeling at Zalora.
I need these before the trip so I wouldn't be shy showing my feet to friends I will meet. I've tried some of the foot peeling last year before my trip to the beach and this time I'm trying this Japanese brand. The Rice Bran Soap should do it for my skin and this Egg Foot Peeling for the callus and corns on my feet. I'm already at the stage of planning my itinerary and it's going to be my first time traveling to that place. Have you guys tried these brands? Share your thoughts please so I have better options. My tickets and accommodation are all set and I'm gathering more tips traveling the Land of Smiles on my birthday! Interested on these products? Try browsing too at