Event: Jake Vargas as an orphan in #BahayAmpunan #MSVEntertainment showing Feb. 25, 2015

Bad decisions make good horror stories. I remembered how the orphanages of the country once played significant roles in movies about children watching MSV Entertainment Production's Bahay Ampunan yesterday at Fisher Mall Cinemas Quezon City. Starring Jake Vargas, Renz Michael, Martin Veniegas and introducing Elaver Pacatang. A horror-suspense movie supported by the veteran actresses Maria Isabel Lopez,  Isadora, Aleck Bovick and Rustica Carpio, the story narrates a reflection of an orphan about to bring his brother Eboy to the same place where he grew up. The two realizes in the end that the characters they were meeting and talking to were all ghosts burned. Jake Vargas as Noel will find out that his mother also died of suicide in the same house. What's interesting about the movie is the realization of Noel (Jake Vargas) towards the end of the film. Negligent and irresponsible parents will definitely regret like what Noel's mom did in the end. I really enjoyed some of the scary scenes matched well with the perfect timing of the sound (musical scoring). The story will definitely teach the youth of today especially the orphans like Noel to take care of their Eboy (Martin Luigie Venegas). The movie will teach the parents of today to rethink and reflect if they will decide to leave their children to relatives for an opportunity abroad. The strong parenting issues and the reality of orphanages implied in Bahay Ampunan makes it one of a significant movie for the Filipino. Don't miss Bahay Ampunan showing on February 25, 2015 at selected theaters nationwide. For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/MSV-Entertainment-Productions-Inc.