Remember Manila Film Center in #TragicTheater #VivaFilms now showing

It's a new year and a new leaf in the pages of history. Before we start making 2015 memorable milestones, we have to look back at some pages that need a second look. An unforgettable tragedy that happened in the early 80s during the construction of Manila Film Center in Roxas Boulevard gave inspiration to Viva Films' first movie offering for 2015, "Tragic Theater". Starring Andi Eigenmann with Cristopher De Leon, John Estrada, Roxanne Barcelo and many more. The movie tells the story of an exorcism incident from the book written by GM Coronel directed by Tikoy Aguiluz. Andi Eigenmann will play Anna Marie Francisco, a coordinator of the Department of Tourism set to free the unwanted spirits of the building to ask the help of Father Nilo(John Estrada). Spirit communicators will try to get the souls free from the building and their travails will awaken the angsts of the construction workers buried alive. Reports of paranormal activities continue and it would be one movie to relinquish the memory of those who once witnessed the real story behind the infamous building. Will they succeed driving the spirits away? Let's all watch Tragic Theater now showing at all cinemas nationwide. The movie is rated R-16 by the MTRCB. For more information please visit , and follow @Viva_Films on Twitter and @viva_films on Instagram for more updates.