Event: #INeedSpace, understanding men and more #VivaPSICOM #ICON book launch by @BoysNightOut899 @djtonytoni @slickrick @sam_yg

 How do you understand men? Simple, read the first book of the #BoysNightOut DJs Slick Rick (Eric Virata), Tony Toni (Anthony James Bueno) and Sam YG (Samir Gogna) , "I Need Space". It's the most common words of men in breakups and all of us need to hear it from the real men from the popular radio show, "Boys Night Out" running for more than 8 years now on-air via Magic 89.9. I was with fellow bloggers who had the chance to interview the DJs, now authors of the book "I Need Space" yesterday at the Viva Office in Ortigas. The three who have also confessed to have evolved from their radio show believe that more Filipinos are interested with relationship guru advice. Since the Filipinos have no shrink culture, these three funny DJs book will definitely help. They have all shared their unforgettable stories on callers asking for help via phone during the radio show for years.
They aim to help single men analyze their solitary state and more reasons and situations stipulated in their book to guide them in handling better relationships. Operating on trending hashtags they've also fond sharing on-air from viewers online who are not even tuned in, signs and advice keywords serve as guide for the reader. The book include #HuliKaBalbon on clues why they lose those precious moments along with #SanaSinabiKo, #SingleDays, #ConvincingLines, #Iloveyoubut, #WordsAfterMOMOL, #WordsAfterBreakup, #ItDidn'tWorkOutBecause, #TimeToMoveOn, #ThatsLove. All those hashtags trended online during their radio show and they wish to share the tips to more readers who missed the episodes. The move for the Boys Night Out hotties from on-air to print is surely one moment you shouldn't miss especially if you have relationship issues. I found the book truly hilarious and one literary piece you should bring on vacations and getaways. "I Need Space" is the first release of ICON, a label of Viva PSICOM Publication Group. Grab your own copy of #INeedSpace available in bookstores starting December 15, 2014. For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/psicompublishing and follow @Officialpsicom on Twitter for more updates