Meet Ted Neri, the man bringing Filipino films worldwide

Ever wonder how Star Cinema films gets to your families worldwide? It's because of Star Cinema's head of international distribution Mr. Ted Neri. Being the managing director and owner of Rainbow Productions based in Guam, USA, Mr. Neri has put up and has been in operations for over three decades now. He is the man who has been constantly promoting Filipino movies in different countries he had traveled and he had also been dabbling other production events to bring Filipino talents to both Pinoy and foreign audience.
The faith in the Filipino talent prompted Mr. Ted Neri to keep getting friends and family abroad to patronize Star Cinema films abroad. According to him, Star Cinema is a brand that gives inspiration to Pinoys everywhere all over the world and since ABS-CBN is known worldwide, it wasn't difficult marketing the films to other states and countries. He recounted how eager the requests kept coming on the next movie from Star Cinema. “In fact all through the years na nagdi-distribute kami ng Star Cinema movies sa foreign shores, we always get request regarding the next movie na i-re-release naming sa mga ibang bansa. That means our efforts are good.”, he said.
So far Ted had already brought and released over a hundred Star Cinema movies in Guam, a U.S. territory. “enthusiastic lagi ang response ng Pinoys sa movies natin because they are able to connect to Philippine shores via the movies of Star Cinema.” As we all say if it’s Star Cinema it’s for the family. Ted Neri is a Kapamilya by heart just like my family in New Jersey, Las Vegas and San Diego. Now I've realized how my mom and my cousins were updated with Star Cinema movies. Thank you Mr. Ted Neri and I hope you continue to bring the next movies of Star Cinema closer to the Filipino hearts worldwide. For more information, please visit, like their Facebook Page and follow @starcinema on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.