Event: Meet #DreamDad with Zanjoe Marudo and Jana Agoncillo on Nov. 24!

I may not have had the Dream Dad but I had the best dad in the world. Thank you Papa for the memories you left me when you were still alive. I've kept reflecting on my own father attending the Dream Dad Grand Press Conference last week with Zanjoe Marudo, Beauty Gonzales, Maxene Magalona, Gloria Diaz, Yen Santos, Ces Quesada, Ariel Ureta, Dante Ponce, Ketchup Eusebio and introducing Jana Agoncillo as Baby. The same team who brought us Be Careful With My Heart led by Ms. Ginny Cuanco will start inspiring everyone all over the country of their own version of Dream Dad starting November 24 which will replace Hawak Kamay slot (after TV Patrol).
Baste (Zanjoe) will meet Baby (Jana) after being separated since birth. The story of Dream Dad will revolve around the story of the two Baste who is trying to mend his broken heart by focusing on family's welfare and Baby, a young orphan who is searching for a family who will love and truly accept her. It was announced that Dream Dad will replace Pure Love before TV Patrol but later changed to Nov. 24. The heartwarming feel-good-serye Dream Dad will be another must-watch on television along with Bagito - the newest Dreamscape teleserye before TV Patrol starting tomorrow. Directed by Jeffrey Jeturian, Dream Dad will start giving inspiration to more fathers to be responsible and caring and I couldn't wait to start watching it on Nov. 24. My students are so excited like me with the new shows on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida starting Monday. Learn significant life lessons with Dream Dad right after TV Patrol. For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/dreamdadOfficial and follow @DreamDadTV on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.