Event: #AlodiaGosiengfiao, #AshleyGosiengfiao and mom Mariglor, the #Katinko #HealingFairies

Don't leave home without it. For itch and pain, I have always brought Katinko and for 30 years, it's the most trusted brand our school uses in clinic and most of my co-teachers always have one in their bag. It was my mom who introduced me to Katinko and for years, I've always used it to relieve my headache, itch from insect bites and simply smell it when I feel dizzy. Last Wednesday, Katinko manufactured by Greenstone Pharmaceuticals HK Inc, introduced their first ever brand ambassadors, popular cosplayer sisters Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao with mom Mariglor at Earth Kitchen Restaurant, White Plains, Quezon City. The Katinko Fairies; Alodia and Ashley proudly shared their experiences using Katinko which mom Mariglor have also been using for years. The Katinko Fairies have also been supportive of Katinko Social Development Programs according to Ms. Melissa Yu of Katinko who shared to us Katinko Healot Theraphy and Wellness Program, Got Heart Foundation, Katinko Medical Missions to Indigenous Peoples and Calamity Victims, Gawad Kalinga Community Development Programs, Educational Scholarship Programs and Katinko Youth Sports Development Program.
Ms. Melissa is also a teacher from Ateneo and she is selling the artworks made by children for victims of Yolanda and Zamboanga siege to help raise funds for school buildings in the affected areas. Katinko uses all-natural ingredients to produce their ointment/liniment from their own farm and the organic vegetables and fruits are also used for Earth Kitchen. It was an unforgettable relaxing and healthy feeling having Earth Kitchen's best-selling Watermelon and Rocket Salad, Beef Kebabs, Shrimp Spring Rolls, Risotto Balls and Fresh Home-made Pasta matched with fresh Dalandan Juice. Earth Kitchen also sells all-organic produce aside from their freshly-made dishes that's good for the body and soul. Katinko, the brand we love will soon launch new products. I can't wait to use their new packaging handy bottle perfect for small pouch and travel. It's great to realize the brand I love is helping the community and helping more women with their livelihood projects. Thank you Katinko and I'm looking forward to using your new products soon! For more information, please visit www.katinko.com, like their official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Katinko and follow @Katinko on Twitter for more details. Visit The Earth Kitchen here https://www.facebook.com/TheEarthKitchen