Event: 1,274,038 and more pledges for #1MCleanToilets #WorldToiletDay #BrightFuture campaign

 7M Filipinos openly defacate today. Open defacation kills with its health hazards.These and more awareness information was shared to us during the World Toilet Day at Baseco Compound, Tondo Manila last Dec.19, 2014 attended by Manila local government officials headed by Vice Mayor Isko Moreno, Mr.Treglown of UNICEF, Domex Philippines, Unilever and partners, Shell, Manila Water, Sige Sabado brand ambassadors Christine Bersola-Babao and Barbie Almalbis. I was with fellow bloggers who covered the event at Unilever-sponsored community at Baseco Compound.
 The community had obviously improved and they were all happy to participate in the awareness campaign to solve the problem of ignoring this health concern. Vice Mayor Isko Moreno shared his personal experience on how he once experienced living in a house without toilet right after Mr.Treglown enlightened us how many Filipinos are still struggling to keep privacy and integrity using toilets. Defacating by using covers in drainages or papers throwing them to the river or trash will definitely pose exposing millions of bacteria. Domex, the leading thick bleach that helps fight bacteria taught us how to clean the toilet bowls. It's not as strong as the regular thin bleach and with its specialized spout, the green Domex reaches the hardest part at the rim of the toilet bowls. 
We should have more confidence using the toilet and we should keep our toilets clean for the welfare of the whole family and for the rest of the citizens in this country. We can never tell at times the flies or insects that touches our skin or our food might've visited those fecal matters exposed because of people who does not have toilet.Like what Mr.Treglown of UNICEF had said, the problem may not be because some families do not have toilets but because we don't clean our toilets well. It does help to leave Domex Thick Bleach in the innermost part of the rim before you sleep so when you wake up, you'll have confidence cleaning will just be so easy. If you're like me who finds it difficult cleaning the toilet, use Domex and leave it for at least 5 mins and cleaning will just be a whiff. Join the crusade to help save lives one toilet at a time. Pledge at www.facebook.com/DomexPhilippines and let us all help getting the 7M to zero. Every pledge will make Domex Philippines donate P5 to the campaign building and cleaning toilets to those areas who need it. Visit www.facebook.com/DomexPhilippines for more details how to help.