Event: A relaxing and pampering @dianastalder #bloggerssparty!

Pampering with friends is a different experience. If you haven't tried sparty with friends, you should all plan soon at Diana Stalder Gateway Mall Cubao branch. I joined blogger friends trying Diana Stalder's SPArty last Friday after a long week working and bringing my students to contests. Since Diana Stalder Cafe opened last month with celebrity ambassadors Sam Milby and Dimples Romana, I thought it was the perfect time to sample some of those dishes they serve before I get my facial service.
Pasta, sandwiches, salad and Zucchini Gratin were served along with pizzas and other dishes. I got so excited with their salad. Crunchy greens with colorful sweet and juicy peppers with grapes drizzled with mango lemon balsamic vinegar, the bite was just perfect after a tiring day and traffic all over the metro that day. Their iced tea was also unforgettable served in mason jars. I was surprised that they serve coffee since their counters showed the variety of fresh fruit juice in dainty bottles. I fell in love at the first bite of their Zucchini Gratin. I thought it'd be all veggies until the texture of ham surfaced. It was not salty nor glutinous as I've expected. It was a juicy and tasty bite with just the right amount of salt and sweetness because of the zucchini. Oh and it's too filling you'll probably skip the next dish right after. This is a perfect place to feel healthy with all the greens and it's too filling you'll crave for dessert after. I had a scoop of blogger friends' Mango and Chocolate Crepe topped with Vanilla Ice Cream. 
When it was my turn to get in and have a facial, I was told that they'll do a Diamond Peel on me. The therapist asked me how often I go for a facial and recommended services for my type of skin. After removing my make-up and left my face in steam for 15 minutes, they applied so many stuff on my face and wiped it off. A few minutes after, I was told of the next process - pricking the blackheads and whiteheads. I was a bit scared because I knew it will be painful but as they all say "tiis-ganda" to gain a better complexion. She applied something that made my skin tighten a bit after the pricking and some ointment to keep it clean. I was told that I have a sensitive skin so I need not get an Add-On service like what the others took (Vitamin C Infusion, Mask, Bleaching or Feathering). She said it may be painful to do another service on my sensitive skin so I just followed. After the laser Diamond Peel equipment was used on my face, the service was finished and she showed me how much blackheads and whiteheads were removed. It felt good on my face and I felt so relaxed, I was ready for a good night sleep. Diana Stalder is a perfect place to relax and feel healthy. If you can't prepare the same healthy food and drinks at home, just head to Diana Stalder at the 2nd Basement Level of Gateway Mall in Cubao Quezon City. There are more services to feel beautiful like Casmara Facial and they also sell Ideal Protein Diet Packs. Everything you need to feel good in now in one place - Diana Stalder Gateway Mall Cubao. For more information, please visit www.dianastalder.com and like their official Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/dianastalderbydermaline. Follow @dianastalder on Twitter and Instagram for more promos and updates.