Event: #LeeMinHo's #Faith is exclusive on @abscbnmobile starting today Oct.20

Wonder what really happened when Korea was still part of China? It's more of Lee Min Ho than history but Filipino K-Pop fans have every right to rejoice now that "Faith" is here in the Philippines via @iwantvph by @abscbnmobile.
Hosted by MOR 101.9 DJ Onse, I joined fellow bloggers watching the first few episodes of #Faith starring Lee Min Ho as General Choi Young, the bodyguard to King Gongmin of the Goryeo Dynasty, Kim Hee Sun as Yoo Eun Soo, the 33-year-old plastic surgeon in the year 2012. The first scenes will make you fall in love with Lee Min Ho and it's those facial expressions that sent the audience screaming at the Dolphy Theater last Saturday. I loved the character of the rogue bodyguard Lee Min Ho fulfilling his promise to the quirky damsel in Kim Hee Sun.
I was at the edge of my seat towards the last part of the screening. The bitter sweet romance of the "doctor from heaven" with the bodyguard was one of the reasons wjy Filipinos love Korean drama- it's original, it's unpredictable and it's unconditional. ABS-CBN Mobile has been offering original shows and content such as Team Gonzaga, featuring celebrity superstars Toni and Alex Gonzaga and the "I Do" mobisodes. #Faith is now available starting Oct.20 via @iwantvph thru your @abscbnmobile. Visit www.abscbnmobile.com for more details.