Event: Brilliant Misfits and Parenting Issues at The Scorpion to premiere on Sept. 23, 9pm on RTL CBS Entertainment HD

A man with 30pts higher IQ than Einstein is real. Getting files from a plane if you're in a car was possible if you start watching "The Scorpion" a new US drama show to premiere on RTL CBS Entertainment on Tuesday Sept. 23 at 9pm. I joined the group of bloggers watching the press preview of the first episode of "The Scorpion" last week at Rockwell Cinemas Makati. Inspired by a true story, the Scorpion is an action-packed adrenaline rush about a genius and his network of nerdy prodigies. They operate as a think tank by Homeland Security solving the most dire and mind-boggling national threats. Starring Elyes Gabel as Walter O'Brien and his team of brilliant misfits, Toby Curtis as Eddie Kaye Thomas, an expert behaviorist, Happy Quinn as Jaclyn Wong , a mechanical prodigy and Sylvester Dodd as Ari Stidham a statistics guru. Walter will meet Paige Dineen (Katharine McPhee) who has a young, gifted son, translates the world that the geeks will never understand to better deal with her gifted child. Justin Lin of "The Fast and the Furious" directs the pilot episode to premiere on RTL CBS Entertainment airing within 24 hours of US broadcast. The initial episode reminded me of my students with specific gifts and talents usually ignored by most teachers in school. It was difficult not to marvel at Jaclyn Wong as Happy Quinn solving the mechanical problems in seconds getting the whole system of planes rebooted and how the behaviorist Toby Curtis as Eddie Kaye Thomas works by order solving a problem with the team. It was a brilliant show with brilliant ideas sure to lure many of the youth today to use their brains more often. The show kept me at the edge of my seat wanting for more of the group's adventures. The first task to hack into the old system of planes in the US with such limited time resulted to nearly impossible means yet it worked at the end. Can you relate and communicate well with the genius around you? The Scorpion and all the most exciting reality and drama shows from the US, Under The Dome, Elementary, Beauty and the Beast, Star-Crossed and The Millers, talent competitions America's Got Talent, and daily shows Entertainment Tonight and Late Show with David Letterman is on SkyCable and Destiny Cable Channel 53. For more information, please visit http://www.rtlgroup.com and follow RTL CBS Entertainment on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/RTLCBSEntertainment and RTL CBS Extreme at https://www.facebook.com/RTLCBSExtreme. Get more updates at @RTLCBSEntertain on Twitter.