Review: Why I Love #RegalFilms' #SomebodyToLove

The magic of split screens was overpowered with lines we all love to deliver. I've watched the premiere of Regal Films' "Somebody To Love", Director Jose Javier Reyes' latest ensemble movie starring Iza Calzado, Matteo Guidicelli, Isabelle Daza, Carla Abellana, Jason Abalos, Beauty Gonzales, Ella Cruz, Kiray Celis, Maricar Reyes, Albie Casino, David Chua, Jaclyn Jose, Jackie Lou Blanco, Natalie Hart and Manuel Chua. If you're planning to watch the movie, this post may not be a great read otherwise you are like me who loves ensemble movies done by Direk Joey Reyes. Just like his epic masterpieces in the 90s (Makati Ave. Working Girls, Radio Romance etc), award-winning director Jose Javier Reyes succeeded once again on entertaining us all in "Somebody To Love" with lines we all love to deliver at some point in our lives. Beauty Gonzales playing the best friend of Kiray Celis whose ultimate goal in the film was getting a bisexual change sexual preferences to fall for her. At some point, we'll all relate to the belief that any gay man can still be straight under the right circumstances to which Kiray took at all cost in the movie. I've also grown fond of the Iza Calzado's character as the "bida-bida" senior TV host whose luster in showbiz had gone down the drain taking the desperate moves to get the public's attention. Each character has a story to tell intertwined by fate and conflict that will somehow lead you to believe how they are all connected. It was a genius concept to put all the funny characters altogether in a movie about love and all our beliefs in love as Filipinos. We all tend to believe in the dreamy and romantic notion that the 'right one' does exist. Watch it and be amazed how Filipinos have created its own distinct genre of ensemble movie underlining some of the funny Filipino culture we all follow about love and its bounds. You'll also enjoy relating each character to familiar friends and family we face every single day. Regal Films' Somebody To Love is now showing at all cinemas nationwide. For more information, please visit For more information, please visit and follow @RegalFilms on Twitter for more updates.