Event: #RegalFilms' #SomebodyToLove ensemble movie fun bloggers conference

 What if the ones we let go were the reasons we met the right one today? It's been a long time since an ensemble movie took the limelight with the dawn of more romcoms in the Philippine movie industry today. It was a fun talk with the cast of Regal Films' "Somebody To Love" bloggers conference with Albie Casino, Ella Cruz, Jason Abalos, Beauty Gonzales, Matteo Guidicelli and award-winning director Jose Javier Reyes at Imperial Palace Suites last Friday.
Matteo was first to arrive sharing his experience with Direk Joey Reyes. He had gained confidence since we first met him with Maja Salvador in "My Cactus Heart" and he shared his renewed passion in acting which began when he was still in grade school being asked to audition in theater plays. Matteo would love to master his craft in acting the same way he remained passionate in sports (triathlon). 
In STL, Carla Abellana and Jason Abalos will be friends who are unsure if they could take their relationship to the next level. Carla will meet Matteo whose casual relationship with Isabelle will get the characters intertwined in a story most of the youth today can relate. The film also stars Iza Calzado playing the best friend of Isabelle Daza. Maricar Reyes, Albie Casino and Kiray Celis will have their own stories to tell along with Ella Cruz who'll be playing a role slightly mature her age. Just one of Direk Joey Reyes' ensemble movie which will remind us all of his famous' "Radio Romance" and "Makati Ave. Working Girls", Somebody To Love will get the movie-goers reflect on their own views about love and romance from the characters.
Direk Joey Reyes will use split screens which he started with Working Girls in the 90s to show how characters will be somehow related to each other. I remembered somehow the theory of six degrees of separation which made all of us Pinoys got hooked on social media (Facebook) how we should all learn responsibility from our actions. Regal Films Entertainment Inc.'s Somebody To Love cast include Iza Calzado, Carla Abellana, Matteo Guidicelli, Jason Abalos, Isabel Daza, Beauty Gonzales, Ella Cruz, Kiray Celis, Maricar Reyes, Albie Casino, David Chua, Jaclyn Jose, Jackie Lou Blanco, Natalie Hart and Manuel Chua
I'm interested how each character will be significant shaping the minds of society on love, relationships and social media in Mother Lily Monteverde's belated birthday offering "Somebody To Love". Let's all watch STL starting August 20, 2014 at all cinemas nationwide. For more information, please visit www.facebook.com/RegalEntertainmentInc and follow @RegalFilms on Twitter for more updates.