Event: #GuitarUnderwear1960's new faces and rebranding with #GlocDash9, Carlos Agassi, Mark Mugen Striegl and Ann Matteo

A new face for an old brand we've trusted for years. Guitar Underwear we all grew up with had recently launched their new face with new brand ambassadors Gloc-9, MMA fighter Mark Mugen Striegl, Ann Matteo with the loyal Carlos Agassi last Friday at Cities Event Place, Quezon City. Guitar Underwear since 1960 had really come a long way from its simple "de hila" series to its present modern style. Guitar Underwear now offers shirts, and varied undergarments to cater the needs of professionals and school children. Now they offer innerwear shirts and sandos and modern basic briefs, panties and boxer shorts still at the same affordable prices.
Taking the foreign name which became popular during the music era of the 60s, Guitar Underwear tries to reach the loyal patrons of the product with Gloc-9's "Guitarero" MTV featuring the new brand ambassadors, Ann Matteo - an online singing sensation recently featured in Vogue Italia and recently on the May 2014 issue of MUSE magazine, Mark "Mugen" Martinez Striegl - a half-Filipino half-American Mixed Martial Arts fighter living in Baguio, Carlos Agassi - host, actor and fitness model who had been a Guitar Underwear endorser since the 90s and Awit Award winning rapper and composer, OPM Icon Gloc-9.
It was surprising to see Gloc-9 introduced as one of the brand ambassador of Guitar Underwear but banking on the fact that this Filipino brand had been part of the classic Filipino culture for years made him create the term, "Guitarero" referring to the working class of varied nature and skills. Everyone is indeed a "Guitarero" and I still remember my sando in elementary with its former logo. I've kept it clean and white every single day of the whole 6 years. Guitar Underwear had made a name for its durability, comfort and style all these years. Now celebrating its golden year, Guitar Underwear aims to create a distinct lifestyle with new ways to reach the Filipino- through social media and their new star ambassadors. For more information, please visit www.guitar1960.com.ph, like their official Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/GuitarUnderwear1960 and follow @guitarunderwear1960 on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.