Event: The surprising Daniel Padilla at @starcinema's #ShesDatingTheGangster opens today!

The dilemma of bad timing in love gave birth to a very important story for the youth of today - She's Dating The Gangster. Ms. Bianca Bernardino's dream came true and it was a perfect timing for the movie adaptation of her famous novel. It was also the perfect timing for Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina to mold another significant actor in the history of showbiz. Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo were clueless they have made so many teens read the novel because of their movie, also another perfect timing for the youth to develop that skill lost in schools.
Just like the courteous Daniel Padilla I've expected, he managed to motivate more teens to read saying how important it is to their lives despite fatigue and lack of sleep during the bloggers conference held yesterday. It was also the same bloggers conference at Star Cinema office that Kathryn mentioned so many things Daniel did for the movie which he had not done before. I've skimmed through the novel and it took a few pages only to realize how my students got hooked on this story and other stories on Wattpad. From the bloggers conference, I've expected another KathNiel teeny romantic comedy in SDTG and I was wrong.
Breezing through the pandemonium of Kathniel fans was a struggle but it was all worth it after watching the premiere at SM Megamall last night. The movie may have had changes in adaptation (of which author Ms. Bianca Bernardino approved) but those changes did not affect in any way how it left a mark on the hearts of fans. Daniel Padilla had stepped out of the shadows of his last name. Star Cinema's "She's Dating The Gangster" made me forget the lines which I've expected to remember from Direk Cathy Garcia-Molina's trademark in the industry. She's Dating The Gangster had made Daniel Padilla a significant actor. I was totally swept with Daniel Padilla's acting that I have totally forgotten his signature Padilla moves and gestures. I had to get more tissues in the bag at the scene of Ms. Rio Locsin playing the mother of Abby (also Athena played by Sofia Andres). I have totally forgotten the Daniel Padilla I once met in 2011 at the press launch of "Growing Up". Daniel Padilla deserves an acting award or at least an acting nomination for this film.
Some scenes were made to make the Kathniel fans excited and I took my hats off to Ms. Carmi Raymundo and the whole Star Cinema staff for choosing the best ending for She's Dating The Gangster. The parents have so many reasons to allow children to patronize Kathniel and She's Dating The Gangster. The movie will teach you the importance of right timing and patience to keep pursuing your dreams. Fellow teachers in creative writing can best use this teaching how to create a conflict that leaps time and circumstance. She's Dating The Gangster got teens to read and write, thank you Ms. Bianca Bernardino and Star Cinema. It should also teach the youth of today to wait just like Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, in love and in career path. 
The movie should teach the youth that true love waits, despite all circumstances. I didn't expect Daniel would make me lose my make-up crying at SDTG last night.  Watch She's Dating The Gangster starting today at all cinemas nationwide. You'll never look at Daniel Padilla the same way again after this film. For more information, please visit www.starcinema.com.ph and like their official Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/StarCinema. Follow @starcinema on Instagram and Twitter for more updates.


  1. Anonymous1:13 AM

    No comment for his co-lead, kathryn? So is this reviee just solely for Daniel's performance alone? Pfft. Quite biased? How about the changes they made, some thoughts on that?

  2. Anonymous1:22 AM

    True, was looking for some comments about Kath or how direk Cathy translated the book into film but somehow felt like someone was fan girling over Dj

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  5. Anonymous2:20 AM

    Since the story is based on a book, I was expecting more insights on changes & the plot. Is this the best you could come up for a movie review? Plot, my dear. That'd very crucial. How about character development? For a so-called journalist/blogger, you should be more adept in scrutinizing movies. Fangirling or giving your thoughts on just one part did not even shed a light on the brilliance of the movie. Pffft. And yes, limited ang vocabulary. These are typical, high-frequency words in any movie review. Parang high schooler review. What a waste of time to read.

  6. Anonymous4:56 AM

    Kathryn fantards on the loose lol kung kabaliktaran ito na kathryn was praised over daniel these so called tards wouldnt react lol
    Kathryn had a good drama scenes and ok funny scenes but to be honest daniel did a good job bere

    1. Anonymous5:28 AM

      I commented on this blog since Ms. Bonsol was my high school teacher (a decade ago) and I'm very surprised that she would come up with this kind of artik. So to accuse that most of the comments came from that lt fantards is seeing things in black-white. Di lahat tungkol sa dalawang yan. I've been following this blog simply because I know the blogger. She's fangirling, this artik is screaming that she is. Could this review would give light sa plot? It hardly mentioned anything about the changes they made, if Carmi Raymundo failed in those twists. How about the characters, did we see some developments? Performance of an actor is just one of the details of a review. She taught us that.

      She should have known better. I still respect her but I guess the entertainment world is not getting the most of her grey cells. Tsk!

    2. Anonymous6:16 AM

      So what if she is?Like all of you screaming for Kathryyyyyyn over Daniel anytime then calling yourself kathniel fans even if your really NOT! Konting magustuhan si daniel over kath galit na kayo? Why ? Akala ko ba yung sinasamba nyo is PERFECT why threatened? Well not surprise kung si Direk Cathy nga tinitira nyo upon showing her fondness kay Daniel and even Roxy Di na NAHIYA kay Roxy na boss ng sinasamba nyo calling him bakla and CGM matrona.Di umiikot kay Kathryn ang mundo FuCk u fantards and mapagpanggap tsss

  7. Anonymous5:14 AM

    Waste of time to read this article!! Dumb dumb dumb dumb

  8. Anonymous6:58 AM

    Of all the comments ive read in this article is correct its more of one side review of the whole movie as for my self im not comparing this two stars but its just quite obvious that some people in this writing business is BOGUS AND BIASED OF ALL TGE ARTICLE OR BLOG IVE READ!! PEACE OUT!!!

  9. Anonymous7:53 AM

    It's her blog. she can write whatever she wants. You just have to deal with it and stop complaining. Yan tayo eh. Puro reklamo. Liliit ng utak.

  10. Anonymous9:43 AM

    It's obvious that she is just featuring Daniel Padilla from the title itself and I think this is not a movie review but a way to promote the movie through Daniel.

  11. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Those people above who think this is a movie review are dumb because I think this article is just merely promoting the movie through Daniel.

  12. Anonymous10:08 AM

    For those people who commented here isip isip din pag may time. Why would she tackle something else if her main subject is Daniel's surprise from the movie?

  13. Hello there guys, I am so grateful for your comments. I hope you all watch the movie She's Dating The Gangster not only because you're a fan but because you want to help patronizing the Filipino film industry. The title of the post was not a review and if in any way that it had offended the fans of Kathryn Bernardo, please accept my apologies. Again, I'm truly grateful to you all. Enjoy the movie!


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