Event: Piolo's son #InigoPascual joins dad as @sunlifeph's brand ambassador

We have a lot to learn from the most handsome Filipino in the planet when it comes to parenting and financial independence - Piolo Pascual. Sun Life Financial Philippines launched yesterday at World Trade Center, Pasay the new member of the Sun Life Brighter Life campaign brand ambassador, Inigo Pascual with his dad Piolo Pascual who shared their stories of #financialindependencetandem
After Team Kramer as the first family promoting #Fit2BreakFree Brighter Life campaign of Sun Life Financial Philippines, Piolo Pascual's son Inigo joined as the new brand ambassador. The two will better promote financial literacy as they both practice it in real life according to Sun Life Chief Marketing Officer Mylene Lopa.  
Inigo was not present during the press conference but dad Piolo was able to share stories of how his son learned the value of savings and investment. He recalled how he once started earning 8$ per week and how he learned to compute to make ends meet when he worked in the United States. Piolo constantly teaches his son on how important it is to save and invest while young. He was thankful to Inigo's mom who raised his son well not spending lavishly on things like gadgets. Piolo was happy that his son agreed and committed to save his earnings from being an endorser and performer. When I asked him how much he was willing to let his son splurge in spending, he confidently responded with, "I trust my son and I know that he will keep making me proud of him". I wanted to further ask in details how much was his son's first lavish spending recalling my own experience with my own son. But alas, at the sight of the most handsome face in the country suddenly froze my consciousness with his remark that he missed my cracking laughter. Piolo was so charming that I have completely forgotten his responses to my next questions. 
I feel better as a parent after this event launch. I would gladly share this financial literacy campaign to my son and my students. This country badly needs to educate the youth on financial independence while they are young. It feels bad these things are not taught in schools. Teach every Juan to be #Fit2BreakFree and value needs more than wants. It is time for a Brighter Life.Talk to a SunLife Advisor or visit www.brighterlife.com.ph. For more information, please like https://www.facebook.com/PHbrighterlife and follow @brighterlifeph on Twitter and @phbrighterlife on Instagram for more details.