Event: Shabu Shabu and more exciting stations open at #TheBuffet Commonwealth Quezon City

A hotel-feel buffet less the price. The Buffet in Commonwealth Avenue has that classy hotel-feel ambiance, quaint ceilings with chandeliers and surprising stations to make you forget your diet.  I have frequent buffet and in so many occasions, it was easy to identify which station stands out. For the hungry pack, the illusion of serving too much overflowing food on a counter invites diners to indulge. It's that vision of overflowing food that makes the eyes decide to explore and experience. In most occasions also, most of us took what our stomach can contain and we pause to breathe at some point and reflect which particular dish is worth a second helping. Some buffet places offer the fresh alternative of making the diner grill their own food. Some Chinese restos offer Eat-All-You-Can Shabu Shabu as well and we all learned to skip the rice to make the stomach enjoy more of the best-tasting and more expensive choices in the stations. It was an unforgettable indulgence at The Buffet Commonwealth last Saturday with fellow foodie friends.
The first station to greet was the dessert with such sinful array of cakes and pastries. The sight of Braso de Mercedes, cakes, brownies and panna cotta immediately lured my mouth to drop that promise to keep my diet sugar-free. It was a temptation and I've closed my eyes to tap my shoulder, I can resist this. As I've walked to the rightmost corner was the Sushi and Sashimi station where delightfully colored and beautiful rice wraps were placed made fresh by the chef. Let's walk further and I've lost myself in an instant. It was the Teppanyaki and Yakiniku station. I was immediately lured to taking some of those chicken and pork meats for grill with seafood. Every dish in the station seemed to call me and it was too hard to resist. By the time I was in the Dimsum station, I was already lost in translation, drowned with temptation and helpless not to give in.
I couldn't help but try each of them and took to my heart's content some of the dishes that I knew will be difficult to get in so many restaurant. I loved their Mozzarella in Baby Tomatoes Canape and their Spicy Crab dish. Before I got to the Shabu Shabu station, my stomach was already too full. Drinks vary from juices to fruit shakes. It was surprising to see some of my blogger friends grab some of those I did not try and grabbing some from their plate was the most fun of it all. The Buffet is best experienced with family and friends. Too many Korean guests were there when we visited partaking some of their very own and grabbing some of Filipino dishes with glee.
I didn't get any rice and skipped some of the sushi varieties but I was too full just having a bite of each. There were still too many I've kept my eyes on that my stomach cannot contain anymore. I guess that's the beauty and gift of The Buffet. The place will let you explore and wonder in infinite gustatory delight. I would definitely be back to try more of their desserts. I will explore those sauces in the stations and savor its kick at the grill stations. Like what the Foursquare visitors had given as tip, the Beef Steak is a must-try. In peppercorn and red wine sauce, The Buffet's Beef Steak was unforgettable. I didn't get to try their Shrimp Gratin but I'll definitely kept this in mind along with Crepes and Halo-Halo and more of their commendable Braso de Mercedes. The Buffet's Shabu-Shabu has more varieties to sample than most Shabu Shabu I've tried. At half the price of similar ambiance in hotels, The Buffet is definitely a special place to cherish. Php538* Weekday Lunch, Php588* Weekday Dinner and Php688* Weekends and Holidays starting June 1 at The Buffet. There's always something new and exciting to try at The Buffet Commonwealth, Quezon City. For more information, please visit www.thebuffet.com.ph, like their official Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Buffet/ and follow @thebuffetph on Twitter for more updates.