Event: Are you #Fit2BreakFree? #TeamKramer joins #BrighterLife #SunLifeFinancial

Filipinos need financial literacy now. Sun Life Philippines in their continuous campaign to raise awareness on financial literacy shared details for every Juan to be #Fit2BreakFree at Prost Braumeister last Thursday. We were first introduced to how we can achieve our dreams using the Dream Calculator at www.brighterlife.com.ph. I've noticed the difference how much I should be saving every month to achieve my dream versus investing (saving money with bigger interest).
Then we were shown the survey conducted by SWS on Filipinos' behavior in spending every month and how much we all try to live within our means. From the data gathered, 9 out of 10 Filipinos have experienced shortage of money in the past 12 months. The presentation reminded me of my fellow co-teachers all drowned in debt and many others clueless on how to reach their dreams. It takes a lot of courage and strong will to develop a habit of savings. When Team Kramer was introduced and Doug Kramer said he never had any problem on making ends meet because he's Ilokano, I've reflected on how strong the parents can surely teach their own kids on savings and wise spending. Cheska learned a lot from her mom who was once a Sun Life Advisor. Team Kramer being the most popular family on social media because of their sincerity and honesty sharing the world their strengths and weaknesses as a family best represents "The Brighter Life".
Doug and Cheska knew how to control their expenses prioritizing their needs over their wants. I wish these could be taught in schools. Social studies teachers may have also included this topic in their lessons but the students may be imploring the usual habit of passing out the most important detail - attitude. It starts with an attitude to be humble and keep saving and when the attitude is kept religiously, it becomes a habit. The habit of spending only the needs is quite hard with a lot of temptations from media and TV ads. If the parents will probably implore this habit with their children, they will grow up becoming the same goal-oriented and productive citizens of the country.
It is time to make our dreams come true. The Brighter Life depends on that one decision and that decision has to be made every single day. I've decided on grabbing this opportunity to reach a dream with Sun Life. It is indeed better to be prepared than sorry. The future lies on your hands and we can all save this country's inflation. Try computing your own dream today. Talk to a SunLife Advisor or visit www.brighterlife.com.ph. For more information, please like https://www.facebook.com/PHbrighterlife and follow @brighterlifeph on Twitter and @phbrighterlife on Instagram for more details.