Event: #Aquabest has S.O.U.L and #Evee launches "Lumina White"

Water is pure so it must've been enough, or so I thought. There's more to water that I didn't know after attending Aquabest's first bloggers conference held at Grills and Steaks, Quezon City last Saturday. What makes Aquabest the best? Labeled "Granderized" gives you ideas what makes it different from mineral or distilled water. With fellow blogger friends, Mr. Ken and Mr. Paulo shared Aquabest's S.O.U.L.
 S-ecurity using Tanwing technology from Australia, Aquabest improves the quality of water by killing 99.99% bacteria and viruses. O-rder using Grander technology from Austria, they reproduce the original order and stability of the inner structure of water. U-ltra-Pure using Reverse Osmosis technology from USA, Aquabest eliminates 99.99% of water-borne contaminants through a semi-permeable membrane with particular size purity of 0.0001 microns.
Finally, L-iving using Nanogen technology from South Korea, alkaline is enhanced increasing the PH level of water. Chemical Researcher Dante of Aquabest demonstrated how water is tested and we have all witnessed Aquabest's difference with competitors. No wonder Aquabest continues to bag awards and recognition for its quality and product standards. After the demo, I became more aware of the bottled water distributed in school canteens and worried about its effects on my students. I hope Aquabest will also have an outlet here in Lagro, Quezon City so I'm more assured of a better quality of water. Considering the number of consumers around our area using distilled water from water refilling stations with no guaranteed product standards, Aquabest poses a beautiful opportunity for franchise.
I vouch for its truthful standards in making their product above its competitors since my close friend also franchised one outlet in Makati City. 
 After, Aquabest was Evee, a local skin care product introduced to bloggers. I thought it's a Korean brand but I was proven wrong. Evee introduced to all of us their different products beating the UV radiation that harms our skin. "Lumina White", a skin whitening line is a comprehensive facial care developed to suit the needs of Asian skin. Face Tonic, Night Cream, Day Cream and Cleansing Bar now gaining patrons from their Facebook Page. Filipinos may not be familiar with Face Tonic but soon even men will try. First introduced to us by Koreans, Face Tonic cleanses the skin impurities while bringing out naturally fine and glowing skin. The night cream is said to get rid of tired cells and whitens the skin. Day Cream seems to act like Sunblock protecting the skin from ravages of the sun. Cleansing bar they said helps whiten the skin as well so we can all try because Evee has a "Lumina White Quick Results Kit" designed to whiten the skin after just a week of continuous use. Visit www.evee.ph and follow updates liking their official Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/eveephilippines and @evee on Twitter. Visit www.aquabest.com.ph for the wonderful opportunity to franchise and have your own granderized water refilling station and follow updates also on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/aquabestpurewater, follow @aquabestpurewater also on Twitter for more details.