#MadisonsBistroModerne serves breakfast, Eggs Benedict and more from 9-11am daily!

The most important meal of the day sets the mood of the whole plan, always. It was my second visit to Madison's Bistro Moderne at the Garden Way of EDSA Shangrila Hotel in Mandaluyong. After drooling over the photos from their Instagram (@MadisonsBistro), I had to try and also explore what the chef had for dessert of the day.
While waiting for my order, we were served the usual complimentary buffet of specialty breads which they make daily to be enjoyed with their green peas and vanilla butter. The variety of bread now available at their Madison's Bistro Deli can be purchased daily from 9-8pm. The dense and flavorful bread was already filling to begin with until the waiter sent the big plate of Eggs Benedict and Bagel Sandwich.
It was a lightly toasted English Muffin with blanched spinach and Hollaindaise sauce with Ham (Php300) served with rocket salad drizzled with Balsamic Vinegar. The bread was soft and chewy making the bite easy for fork or sliced with knife. The poached egg on top was just perfect as it was the perfect runny inside and the Hollaindaise sauce was not too liquidy with a little hint of salt and lemon. I loved that the spinach was not salty making the bite of the Eggs Benedict perfect. For a while I was in heaven and I was lost in the conversation savoring the beautiful medley of flavors.
 Madison's Bistro's Bagel Sandwich (Php250) will tempt you to grab that bacon on top. It's not too salty nor too sweet, not too crispy but the effort to use no oil but it's own was just enough to let you savor the smokey porkey flavor. The bagel may be a bit chewy and bland but it was a perfect combination to the salty scrambled egg and tasty bacon. The rocket salad with cherry tomatoes drizzled with Balsamic Vinaigrette complimented the sandwich. I loved the crunch of the rocket salad and the sweetness of the cherry tomatoes, it was really unforgettable.
 Finally, when we were told that the chef had a special dessert for the day, the beautiful and breath-taking Raspberry Red Velvet Cake with White Cream Cheese (Php265) arrived. The presentation will make you feel so special, you just have to keep taking photos. Topped with dark chocolate strips and Madison's Bistro Moderne very own Green Tea Macaron, it was a heavenly and sinful delight to the eyes and the taste. The Red Velvet Cake with White Cream Cheese frosting made it not too sweet for my palate. The Raspberry sauce drizzle on the side and on the plate with a leaf of mint created an explosion of refreshing, sweet and sour experience. It was the type of texture in the mouth that'll make your eyes close a bit and savor. It was the dream dessert I've wished for and everything I wanted to eat was just in one dish. I hope my best friend and my mom can taste this heavenly cake soon. I was happy at the sight and taste again. Madison's Bistro Moderne is a must-try experience. Visit www.madisonsbistromoderne.com, follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MADISONSBISTRO , @MadisonsBistro on Instagram and Twitter for more updates and promos.