Event: What's with @KyochonPH and why it's so good and healthy

The Koreans are at it again. Known for eating healthy, the Koreans are proud of their fried chicken and Filipinos have all the reasons to patronize now that Kyochon is here in the Philippines. The multinational brand created by Mr. Kwon back in 1991 boasts of three promises: First, they will never turn their resto into fastfood, securing that all dishes will be prepared only when ordered, Second, they will only serve honest, healthy chicken and Finally, they use all-natural ingredients.
 I was with fellow foodie bloggers who experienced the Kyochon's promises last Tuesday at Kyochon SM Megamall featuring their 3 kick-ass NOs in their dishes. All their dishes has NO glacier acetic acid. We have always used vinegar in most of our dishes regardless of its hazardous effects to our health. Kyochon's chicken and other dishes does not use any amount of glacier acetic acid so it's really safe to consume by children. Second, Kyochon does not use any amount of sodium saccharine. The said chemical commonly used as artificial sweetener that destroys your liver and brings more harm to your other internal organs. Third, all their dishes contains NO MSG. Monosodium Glutamate also known as amino acid used as a food additive famous in Chinese restaurant with its Umami taste may be proven safe by the Dept. of Health but this flavor enhancer may numb your taste buds to appreciate the real flavor of natural ingredients. 
Before sampling variety of chicken at Kyochon, I've met their Korean brand ambassador, Ms. Lydia Lee. She told me how the company started when Mr. Wonkang Kwon's family went bankrupt in the late 80s that prompted him to start anew. He tried all sorts of jobs even being a taxi driver to make ends meet. It was his bold attitude to claim the Kyochon's recipe in Gyeongsangbukdo that started the world phenomenon of Korean fried chicken. Kyochon's recipe may be similar to other restos but the consistency of the quality and the natural ingredients gained him the world recognition. Ten years after, Kyochon's 100th store was open and the super advanced countries became so interested in franchise.
The brand had expanded to groups of corporations including Kyochon Chicken, Kyochon USA, K and P Food Co., Ltd., Soohyun F and B Co. Ltd., Kyelim Co.Ltd., KNC International, Gangnam Gyoza, Cipollarosso and M'c Korean Food Restaurant. It's those three promises and Lee Min Ho (Kyochon's famous Korean brand ambassador) that probably brought the world to love Kyochon's chicken. We tried Kyochon's Original series (light and slightly salty), Red Series ( spicy and hot), Honey Series (sweet and crispy) and Soonsal Series (rice-battered boneless and skinless breast and thigh meat, savory and crispy) served with Honey Mustard and Jambalaya Sauce. 
I've fallen in love with their Soonsal Series because I can eat it alone but the temptation to indulge in rice came when Kyochon's Kimchi Rice was served. It was huge, hot and really inviting topped with sunny side up egg. The idea that there were more kimchi than rice made me dig in to the experience enjoying it with Original and Red Series. It was easy washed down with pure barley tea drink. No sweetener and feels-like-Korean-home Barley Tea saved me from being guilty binging on chicken with rice at Kyochon. It was filling, tasty and more importantly a happy experience. I will probably try their Kyochon Fried Chicken Series with nuts on their chicken served again with their Jambalaya and Honey Mustard Dipping Sauces.
Now we don't need to worry about eating junk in malls because Kyochon is now here at SM Megamall. Don't miss it at the Ground Floor of SM Megamall Building B near the escalator. It's a place to feel good and fill yourself with what made Korean skin flawless, healthy and really good chicken. Visit www.kyochon.ph for more details and like their official Facebook Page for more promos and updates https://www.facebook.com/kyochonph. Follow @kyochonph on Twitter and Instagram.