Event: #MaleficentAtTrinoma Cinema experience: no annoying guard radio in the background and no ADS

I missed some significant scenes last Wednesday when I watched Maleficent in another theater because of the annoying guard radio sounds in the background. It was already annoying watching too many product ADS normally shown before the MTRCB ad against camcording in theaters. Last Thursday afternoon, I had to watch Disney's Maleficent again at Trinoma Cinema 1 with my cousin Alvin. Watching it on 2D at Trinoma Cinemas gave me a 3D feel. The sound was clearer with great stereo surround and the seats were comfortable with enough space for other people to pass by. Maleficent did make me want to understand all the other villains in all the fairy tales back in childhood. I also loved the scenes with her own child, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt who played Aurora (at 5 years old).
The movie made me appreciate some of my friends who have also adopted children and turned their hate to love for children being a public school teacher. Somehow I thought those who have not been exposed to fairy tale books because of the digital age will not appreciate it better than those who have memorized Sleeping Beauty lines. I have much pity to the kids these days deprived of books and drowned with games and silly applications online. Maleficent used to be a villain avenged in our culture today as the movie was narrated by Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). I have also smiled reflecting on my own ex who may have felt like King Stephan in the movie for so many reasons I would rather keep to myself. Maleficent is rated G which will bring more children to love the fantasy, CGI and the fairies more than the story. I wish that all parents teach their children about the history of the character after watching it. Maleficent is not a mom but she became the mom with so many negligent parents existing in our society today. Thank you Trinoma Cinemas and TGIF with Fish and Co for the unforgettable treat! You don't have to purchase a card to watch a movie in Trinoma Cinemas, simply book at http://www.sureseats.com. It's hassle-free, promo-free and more importantly convenient! For more information, please do visit www.sureseats.com and follow @iloveTrinoma on Instagram and Twitter.