Comfort and convenience for travelers:#PilipinasShell's Deep Clean Week launch under #1MCleanToiletsMovement

Saving Lives, One Toilet at a Time. Pilipinas Shell in partnership with Unilever and Domex recently launched the Deep Clean Week under its aim of 1M Clean Toilets Movement to better help sanitation and cleanliness of the most important room we all visit. Shell with Unilever and Domex's project to clean up Shell stations around the country should provide better comfort especially those traveling during peak seasons and peak hours of the day.
This project would be a great help to those caught in traffic or running to avoid coding scheme hours and stuck on the road. Cleaner toilets and comfort rooms in gas stations will help prevent diseases like Urinary Tract Infection common to long-route drivers and the like. Customers complaining about the dirty pumps and slippery floors in gas stations will be surprised at how stop-overs, Shell gas stations have improved with this project. I'm also using Domex at home and I'm very confident on its effective cleansing powers to drive me away from diseases. Shell, the global leader in power, energy and gas technology recognizes the need to provide clean and bright facilities to its customers. Beginning May 12, staff will visit a site and work alongside retailers to improve its site cleanliness. Volunteers will assess three key areas in Shell facilities: Cleanliness; Condition/Maintenance and Compliant to Shell brand standards.Thanks to Pilipinas Shell, Unilever and Domex for the continued advocacy to help save lives one toilet at a time! We'll all be more confident to use the toilets in Shell gas stations. For more information, please visit