Beat your sugar problem with #Abbott's #Glucerna123Challenge!

What you eat will definitely make you as a person. If you've been a sugar addict like me, stuck with the Filipino diet of rice and carbs, it's time to beat it with Abbott's new specialized nutrition for people with prediabetes and diabetes with Glucerna Triple Care 1-2-3 Challenge. The new Triple Care formula provides a unique combination of ingredients to help patients manage their blood sugar levels while supporting heart health and weight management, as part of an overall diabetes management plan.
 Abbott Philippines introduced to the bloggers their 1-2-3 Challenge in response to the increasing number of Type-2 diabetes numbers in the country. Without proper nutrition, discipline and exercise, Type 2 diabetes also known as "adult onset diabetes" comprises the 90 percent of total diabetes cases and is largely due to excess body weight, obesity and lack of exercise which will be the major risk for cardiovascular diseases likely to suffer a heart attack, or stroke aside from the greater risk of kidney failure, blindness, lower-limb amputations and death.
 Glucerna's 1-2-3 Challenge is a 12-week program designed for people with diabetes to learn simple techniques to help them manage their diabetes with a healthy lifestyle. The simple plan includes a healthy meal plan, exercise and a specialized nutrition product such as Glucerna. There will be step-by-step instructional videos, recipes and meal plans, daily exercise plans and guidance on how to incorporate Glucerna into their healthy diet. The website and mobile app was designed by Abbott available also for iPhone and Android smart phones for the people on-the-go. Visit and participate because they will also be supporting the loyal subscriber by giving a reward program. This promo activity was submitted and approved by FDA, per DOH-FDA Permit No. 1386 s. 2013. For more information, please contact (02-995-5555). Visit and follow @AbbottNews on Twitter for more updates.