Put your game face on with Master Oil Control Max Facial Wash

These days men are accepted to have their particular beauty products. Just like Ejay Falcon admitting on national television that he's using concealer and other cosmetics to hide imperfections, many Filipino men are using beauty products designed for them. Using soap to wash the face can remove essential oils (lipids) causing severe skin dryness and making it prone to bacteria. This summer season, it's best to trust a facial wash designed to keep essential oils on the skin and keep it moisturized. Perfect in all days we are all exposed to the sun, a friend of mine prescribed Master Oil Control Max Facial Wash. Next week, many of us will be heading to beach destinations and highly active men engaging in different sports activities have larger pores making their skin oilier and more prone to acne, rashes, sweating and spotting. Master Oil Control Max Facial Wash has a unique Cooling ZEROIL formula that reduces excess oil for up to eight straight hours, making it a great cleansing tool for active young men. It effectively controls the amount of oil produced by their hyperactive sebaceous glands, reducing the chances of pimples forming on the face due to pores getting clogged with oil and dirt. It's cooling ZEROIl formula also prevents the skin from drying (unlike soap) and cracking due to exposure to air, dust, dirt and harmful rays of the sun. It's a perfect grooming tool for men indeed since the summer season will get them more exposed to sports and the sun. PBA Superstars Chris Tiu and Marc Pingris have also switched from using soap realizing the benefits of Master Oil Control Max Facial Wash. Even if it was for men, many of my friends also recommended me this product on keeping oil-free face everyday. My son had kept using the product realizing how it has improved removing deep-seated dirt and excess oil. Master Oil Control Max Deep Cleansers also helps prevent blackheads and whiteheads. Both Master Oil Control Max Facial Wash and Deep Cleansers are available in major supermarkets, groceries and convenience stores nationwide. It will be the perfect toiletry to bring to your summer destination next week. I know my son and I will be bringing Master Oil Control Max Facial Wash and Deep Cleansers to our beach getaway next week. Put your game face on now with Master Oil Control Max Facial Wash and Deep Cleansers. For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/MasterPhilippines.