Event: #MadisonsBistroModerne grand launch bistro and deli in one with Speck, Tricolor Ravioli and more!

It's an unforgettable Speck, really. It's a new hole in the wall in the Garden Way of EDSA Shangrila Hotel. Madison's Bistro Moderne opened its doors to all last Wednesday. A few months since opening, the place had created buzz over its delectable dishes. Their Tricolor Ravioli, an Italian pasta dish with three shades of colors, pepper, spinach and cheese with cream cheese, quail eggs, truffle oil and Beurre Noisette served with freshly-made choice of bread and a plate of sugar cinnamon and red beet butter. I was with Enzo, Jerry and Jazz (foodie bloggers) sampling this famous dish offered by their operations manager Mr. Stephen.
The space is big and cozy with al fresco dining, open deli for your convenience. The ambiance reminded me of a perfect place to have Monica and Adrian rekindling love after that clear confrontation (ABS-CBN's The Legal Wife). It's so romantic and convenient with beautiful candlelight dinners on special occasions. My best friend Lori (Canada) who loves staying at EDSA Shangrila Hotel will find this place convenient to meet Filipino friends and family every time they pay a visit.
Aside from their Tricolor Ravioli pasta, they have so many choices for main dishes and appetizers. We had Braised Lamb Shank, Norwegian Salmon Fillet, Homemade Papperdelle Pasta, Garden Fresh Salad and Brodetto di Pesce. I could not forget the fall-off-the bone tasty lamb shank experience and my friends couldn't get enough of the mashed potato that came with the dish. All dishes were so good, the plates were wiped out in seconds.
We were so happy with the food that we paid a visit to the kitchen realizing they have a special room for the Chef's Table. It's a separate room inside the Madisons Bistro Moderne where guests can sample dishes made by the chef for the day. I've only seen it watching Bobby Chinn on Travel and Living Asia in his restaurant in Vietnam and now we can all have the same wine-pairing experience at Madison's Bistro Moderne. The place also have a Madison's Bistro Deli where you can buy gourmet cheeses, meats, steaks wine and all kitchen necessities. One of the owners Mr. Perry was excited sharing to us the types of breads and pastries they'll offer at the deli soon. I was happy with the truffle oils, mascarpone cheese products which Mr. Perry said can be made into sandwich by customer's request. You can actually ask them to have a slice of their homemade sausages and hams with your choice of bread with your choice of dressing and cheeses. 
What's best about this place is the price. All dishes are affordable and all delicious. Like everyone else's choice, the piece de resistance of the night for me was Madison's Bistro Moderne's Speck and Goat Cheese appetizer (first photo above). It's a bite of very delicious goat cheese wrapped in Northern Italian Prosciutto Ham with Apple Mustard Chutney in Truffle Scent. It's that explosion of beautiful flavors in different textures that will excite your dinners. It's an unforgettable dish the skeptic will have a change of heart. I can't wait to have my own personalized sandwich done at their deli and have more of their Speck and Goat Cheese with their exciting steaks at Madison's Bistro Moderne. Have a Speck of the inviting Madison's Bistro Moderne located at the Garden Way of EDSA Shangrila Hotel in Ortigas, Mandaluyong City. Call +6326314675 / +639151986182 for reservations or visit www.madisonsbistromoderne.com for more details. Like also their official Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/MADISONSBISTRO/ and follow @madisonsbistro on Twitter and Instagram for more exciting news and promos.