#FigaroCoffeeHQ invites to Eat Right and Eat Light with new Summer Fusion drinks, Ratatouille Pizza, Shrimp Sundried Pesto Pasta and Chocolate Quake Cookie

It's time to eat right and eat light. We are all observing fasting now that Lent has begun and some of us want to also fit in that swimming suit we want to prepare for the beach vacation this summer. Figaro, the first Filipino coffee company introduced their new summer food treats perfect for Lent. I was with my favorite friend to enjoy Figaro's new Lenten season treats last Monday. We thought of vacation, nutrition and more importantly fasting and Figaro's new Eat Right and Eat Light pizza and pasta just fit the bill in the conversation.

All vegans will love Figaro's new Ratatouille Pizza (Php169) because it's thin and crispy at the crust, oozing with cheese and tasty sweet with veggies on top. I love the texture of the zucchini and bell peppers giving a light crunch of fruity sweetness blended just right with the hefty mozzarella cheese to satisfy our pizza craving. The meal got heavier with new Shrimp Sundried Pesto Pasta (Php185), angel-hair spaghetti mixed with shrimps sauteed with fresh tomatoes and pesto creating that nutty sweet and juicy sauce that's not too salty and not too sour at every toss. 
It's perfect for my girly friend Berns who loves a toss of a little food in the mouth without having to look awkward in front of PMPC Star Awards Dekada awardee and The Legal Wife leading actor Jericho Rosales (who was at the T.Morato branch when we were there to buy take-outs)as angel-hair pasta is so thin giving you the freedom to grab a little in the fork with confidence.
We washed it off with Figaro's new Summer Fusion drinks, Lychee Cucumber (Php130), Four Seasons (Php130) and Coco Capuccino (Php145). Banana Mocha flavor (Php145) wasn't available that evening but I've tried it before at Figaro's Shangrila branch and it's so chocolatey perfect for the kids. My friend and I preferred the Lychee Cucumber and our guess of what's best-selling was right. Lychee Cucumber is still the branch's most favorite drink. The craze over cucumber shakes became popular over social media because of its health benefits and I was happy at the sweet lychee flavor that gives it a sweet kick.
Dessert was perfect with Figaro's new Chocolate Quake Cookie, (Php45) a big gooey soft dark chocolate cookie which made our conversations of beach vacations truly unforgettable. I loved the generous taste of dark chocolate making the cookie totally memorable. It was so delicious I had to order another for take-out although my friend warned me of my sugar problem. I will definitely love to get more of these Ratatouille Pizza, Shrimp Sundried Pesto Pasta with Figaro's new Summer Fusion drinks and cap the evening with this sweet and chocolate heaven Chocolate Quake Cookie next time I'll have sweet friend gathering this weekend. Visit www.figarocoffee.com for more details. Don't forget to like Figaro's Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/figarocoffeecompany and follow @figarocoffee on Instagram and @figarocoffeeHQ on Twitter and Pinterest.