Event: My Blogging Experience with New Nokia X #NokiaXPhils

Is it possible to blog and post in social media with a Nokia X? For selfie addicts Nokia Lumia 1020 is the best with its 41MP camera but since it's very expensive, Nokia Philippines launched a more sleek, beautiful and affordable Nokia X. It was last March 11, 2014 at Holiday Inn Makati with General Manager Karel Holub and Marketing Director for Nokia PanAsia Gary Chan and the crowd went wild knowing they'd bring home a Nokia X hidden under the chairs. I had a green one, immediately changed my sim to microsim and bought a new microSD card to test it.
With its fixed focus 3MP back camera, the photos were surprisingly clear. I've tried accessing the Nokia Store which conveniently suggested apps I can use for getting music, editing music and games. Tagged as the Fastlane for to Android Apps, the phone will prompt you of downloading 1Mobile Market App to link the phone so the android apps can be accessed and used. I needed some games and apps for tones since the built-in ringtone was just not me. Although my son shared the story behind those arguments of copyrights on the new systems, designs among Samsung, iPhone and Nokia, just like most mothers and buyers of phones for the family I cared less on the specifications. I tested the phone and checked if it was possible to blog with Nokia X without having to use my laptop thru WiFi. It's not a Windows OS phone but the Nokia X Software Platform lived up to my expectations. With quite a slow start when you push the power button, the UI (user interface) was just nice and brilliant with two screens (Home and Fastlane). I was able to download songs, games and app to transfer contacts with ease and I was happy.
Checking the camera with my favorite Pinoy kamote (rootcrop) on low light and clear light, I was quite impressed at the details (considering it's just 3MP). I've tried calling the phone and played music. The sound was clear although it wasn't those of Sony's on earphones where you'd get amazing bass and equalizers but it's pretty convenient and you know it's not going to be eyed by the snatchers. That culture of "takaw-nakaw" (prey for snatchers) gave me so much fear of handling an iPhone especially in public places. Nokia X is so beautiful and cheap.
However, what have I found quite unpleasing with it? When I was using Opera Mini Browser to access and write this post to check on the apps I've used, I had to long press the Back Button to get back to the Home Screen. I don't expect it to be that fast on my fast commands with its 512 RAM but I just simply hoped it saved my previous work with ease. Surprisingly, if Nokia Store makes you pay a few pesos (Php30/per game app) for a game or utility app, they have the 1Mobile Market App which lets you download Android Apps and use it with Nokia X FOR FREE. I now use Instagram on my Nokia X and I am really happy about it. I tried downloading Candy Crush and Flappy Bird using the 1Mobile Market but it just closes every time I opened. With fear of getting my memory card corrupted, I've tried using Bluetooth to get a movie from my laptop to Nokia X and it didn't work too.
I don't intend to do a lot of things with Nokia X since I planned it to be my basic phone. I was happy at the Facebook posts I can make and listening to songs aside from the basic call and text functions. After all, it's Php5990 and they probably still need a few tweaking how to get the other apps work on Nokia X. The beautiful pastel green design was just fabulous and I'd be proud and happy to carry it around anywhere without fear. 
The HERE Map was just convenient when I'm looking for directions to get to events. I love its FM radio too which I can conveniently use on beach vacations this summer. With two screens, Home and the Fastlane, it's convenient tracking what you've done and where you should take off next. I was happy at the call back or message functions when I missed a call. Nokia X would be perfect for teens and those who love designs with excellent basic phone features. If you're looking for a cheap smart phone the kids will love, this is one great buy at Php5990. So to answer the question, is it possible to blog with a Nokia X? Yes it is, it might take a long time but I've published this post using Opera Mini Browser on my new Nokia X. Thank you Nokia Philippines for the chance to experience Nokia X. For more information, please visit http://www.nokia.com, like their official Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/nokiaphilippines and follow @NokiaPilipinas on Twitter.