Event: #MisterDonutMegamall makeovers, introduces #PonDeRing, #ButterCookie, #Dossants and #FrenchCruller

Who can resist donuts? Mister Donut Philippines just got better now with new Pon De Ring. I pondered what to ponder looking at this beautiful ball-shaped ring donuts when I saw it the first time from my friend's wall on Facebook.  When I've visited Mister Donut Megamall branch, I was surprised at its renovated space with logo of Japanese characters, chairs and tables that's different from Mister Donut branches I frequent in the metro. The walls decorated with friends holding their newest doughnut products looked so inviting. The renovation provided more comfy seats for the elder patrons and the bright-lit space was perfect for photos. When fellow bloggers and I were given a chance to choose what to have with Mister Donut's signature brewed coffee and hot choco, I had to choose the Baked Penne Pasta Php95. The picture looked small and I was surprised at the presentation. Hot and really gooey cheese at every bite made me forget avoiding carbs completely.
I have indulged to my heart and stomach's content. Mister Donut's Cheesy Spaghetti was also huge that my fellow foodie friend shared it with me. Like what other foodie's have written about it, the sauce reminded me of homemade Filipino fiesta spaghetti. It's not too sweet and it's the spaghetti you've tasted when you gatecrashed the fiestas in the provinces. The festive mood got even better with Mister Donut's new array of doughnuts.
Pon De Ring also has variants like Almonds, Sugar-Glazed, Sunflower Seeds Toppings and more. The Cookie Butter collection is a must-try. Like how it looked, they used imported cookie butter spreads topped on Pon De Rings better appreciated with some other choco and sweet drizzles. I was too happy at the chewy texture, Mister Donut's Pon De Ring wasn't messy on the mouth at each bite. The ball-shaped doughnuts in rings made it easier to bit or forked and I loved it paired with Mister Donut's irresistible Hot Choco. 
Mister Donut is open now from 6am to 10pm and early-risers around the Ortigas area can now choose from the Continental Breakfast, Gourmet Tuyo Flakes, Beef Tapa and Chicken Tocino to start their day right. I can't wait to try also their Donut Burger (P100), Premium Beef Burger patty in a glazed donut bun (with egg Add Php10 or with Bacon Add Php20). Their Croissantwiches are still available now with variants: Chunky Chicken Php80, Ham and Bacon Php85, Japanese Crab and Corn Php90 and Japanese Spicy Tuna Php90. Everything I need is in Mister Donut now. I hope they also offer sandwiches, burgers, pasta and more importantly Cookie Butter Pon De Rings in bus stations so it'll be more convenient for me to bring them to my favorite relatives. Ponder what's beautiful about life with Mister Donut's Pon De Ring available now at selected Mister Donut store branches. For more information, please visit Mister Donut at http://www.misterdonut.ph/product/pon-de-ring and like their official Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/MrDonutPH. Follow @misterdonut_ph on Twitter and Instagram for promos and updates.