Event: Affordable and delicious All-Day Breakfast, Rice Meals, Milk Tea, Shakes and Authentic Chinese Dimsum at #QuickStomach at Blue Bay Walk

It's hard to resist dimsum. I fell in love with chicken feet and hakaw for years now and it's great to experience Quick Stomach now in Blue Bay Walk, Pasay. Just a few blocks away from SM Mall of Asia, Quick Stomach is one of the newest restaurants open at the new high-end commercial establishment by Federal Land Inc. I was with fellow blogger foodies last week sampling Quick Stomach's latest offers with its affiliate Chado Tea Room providing quick refreshments in many schools in the metro.

 Mr. Ronato Tan and Mr. Lorenzo Miranda introduced to us the concept of Quick Stomach providing quick meals, dimsum and refreshments in one restaurant. It's a fastfood "lutong bahay" style with such unique offers most mommies will be delighted to know. They started with Chado Tea Room before offering milk teas, shakes and signature blend teas that students and yuppies patronized. After the clamor to offer meals to go with the drinks, here comes Quick Stomach which offers everything in one quaint and simple resto now available at Banawe and Blue Bay Walk area. I was delighted at the array of meals coming out of the kitchen. Taking the photos of rice toppings made me want to quit my no-rice diet and when we were cued to get our choice meal, I had to choose Pork Binagoongan Rice Meal (Php100), a big plate of chunks of pork stewed with shrimp paste with freshly sauteed string beans and rice. All plates were big and considering the price (Php100-150), it's really more than your money's worth when you've tried it at Quick Stomach.
The pack had a plate each (Pork Adobo Rice Php100, Creamy Pork Rice Php100, Porkchop Rice Php100, Bicol Express Php100, Pork Binagoongan Rice Php100, Lechon Paksiw Rice Php120, Beef Steak Tagalog with Rice Php120, Russian Beef Stew with Rice Php120, Beef Lengua with Rice Php150, Quick Stomach Chicken Rice Php120, Chicken Curry Rice Php100). Some of us also had some of Quick Stomach's All-Day Breakfast Meals (Tapsilog or Beef Tapa, Fried Egg with Rice Php75, Longganisa with Rice and Fried Egg Php65). I had a nibble here and there going to tables to sample. Of all the rice meals including the All-Day Breakfast, I couldn't forget Bicol Express and Beef Lengua. The meat chunks in the rice meals were surprisingly big and hard to take down if swallowed whole. It would definitely fill the hungry pack after work or after school. Like my students would categorize this place, Quick Stomach will fit the "pangtyuhin" (reference for burly hardworking men who frequent buffet on paydays, foodie call center agents who always try to eat a lot after starving themselves at work the whole day. I would say Quick Stomach is also for the mothers who would want to provide tasty, quick, convenient and affordable meals for the family without the frills of cooking. This is a great place to cheat your date that you've cooked their favorite meals.
If you want a quick light snack with your favorite Chado Milk Tea, Quick Stomach also serves Pasta Linguini with Tomato Sauce Php85 and Pasta Carbonara Php85. Their wide array of authentic chinese dimsum include Siomai Php70, Shark's Fin Php70, Hakaw Php95, Japanese Siomai Php70, Siao Long Pao Php70, Chicken Feet Php70, Beef Siomai Php70, Kuchay Dumpling Php70, Quail Egg Siomai Php70, Chicken and Mushroom Siomai Php70, Beancurd Roll Php70, Seafood Roll Php98, Pork Ribs Tausi Php70, Wanton steamed or fried Php70, Siopao Asado Php45, Siopao Bola Bola Php50, Raddish Cake Php70. We had a sample of each and I must say their Chicken Feet isn't too sweet and their Hakaw was just juicy perfect. We weren't able to try the appetizers but they are all too cheap including the big plate of Seafood Platter Php650. Quick Stomach also offers Noodle Soups just like many Chinese restos with price ranging from Php125-Php90. 
They also have desserts like Puddings (Mango, choco, Taro, Almond, Strawberry, Egg), Mango Sago, Almond Lychee, Black Gulaman Lychee, Buko Pandan, Ice Cream all at Php50/per serving. Quick Stomach is one stop shop most women will love today having all these food varieties. I was happy with all the food I've tasted and after a nibble of all the food served, it was so refreshing to take them all down with cool and refreshing drinks from Chado Tea Room (also inside Quick Stomach). I had a glass of Mango Shake Php75 and their Signature Blend Blueberry Milk Tea Php95 I shared to the pack. Quick Stomach's Mango Shake reminded me of Boracay shakes perfectly blended without milk so I'm not worried and for cheat days Blue Berry Milk Tea, not too sweet and less ice (ain't that a plus?). Some of us had Green Apple Tea and Red Apple Tea all at Php45/16oz. I would definitely go back to try their Pork Sisig, Egg and Rice Php75 from their All-Day Breakfast, Spanish Callos with Rice Php120 and their Siopao Bola Bola Php50 because the servings are just so huge. Everything I need is in Quick Stomach and I will probably get one franchise of the Quick Stomach when I plan my retirement because it's really so good. Interested to visit or franchise? Visit www.tsfiesta.com, follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chado-The-Tea-Room.