Dinner and fun chat with #ViveikaRavanes as #RoseFostanes on #MMK and more

Sabel had gone up to singing, again.  Viveika Ravanes popular as Sabel from Be Careful With My Heart (ABS-CBN's longest running teleserye to date), cannot compromise to having just one episode if her own life story will be featured on MMK. Last Saturday on Maalala Mo Kaya, Donna Ravanes aka Viveika Ravanes spent a fun night of dinner and more with fellow bloggers Nikole, Iyane at Sir Chief (Richard Yap)'s Wangfu Chinese Restaurant at T. Morato branch last Friday.  She played Rose Fostanes, X Factor Israel's grand winner at MMK episode aired last Saturday not realizing she was also Rose in real life reflecting her OFW memories. Viveika (Donna Ravanes) was all out sharing her past without inhibitions.
 Like Rose Fostanes, she had to go abroad to support her family.  I couldn't remember from which travails of her OFW experiences that brought her so much optimism and strength to carry such confidence despite her downfalls. At every scene of MMK episode aired last Saturday March 22, she remembered her own struggles. She learned to love singing and getting the attention of the crowd learning that every moment may make and break her performance. Like Rose Fostanes, she had to choose between singing in a band and performing as a stand-up comedy icon in bars making ends meet for her three children. Viveika, who was once a Rose (aka Rose Chang when she was once a Japayuki - OFW from Japan) made choices from what best would benefit her family's needs.
Viveika may have not achieved getting the world's attention as a grand winner of an international singing search but her real story will move every person's heart. With more cross to carry having three children and conservative parents always worrying about her adventures, Viveika rose among the thorns still with such romantic and passionate heart. At some point, I remembered my own love story and how I've learned to appreciate the word "acceptance" when the odds were just too big to handle.
Sometimes, it's through other people's stories that we get confirmation and reflection of our own's and Viveika's struggles in life and love taught me to appreciate my own gift of wisdom. I really love the way she sings just like I've felt awe at Rose Fostanes' prowess in singing and she was able to captivate us all with her version of Rose Fostanes' "Kapantay Ay Langit"
Her wit, talent and more importantly humility should bring her more opportunities now after playing Rose Fostanes on MMK. I will never forget your trust and your expressions Ms. Donna Ravanes and may you succeed in your future endeavors still keeping that big smile and humor. 

Thank you for the opportunity to meet and get to know you as one of the most inspiring comedy icons in the country today Ms. Ravanes. Do follow @donnaravanes on Twitter and Instagram. Follow and add her also on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/viveika.ravanes